Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Matthew Kukah

In a bid to curb the lingering economic gloom and mitigate hardship faced by citizens, the Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Matthew Kukah has called on the Nigerian Government to come up with some urgent measures that will put the nation on the path of healing.

The Clergy, in his Easter message made available to newsmen on Sunday noted that these measures must include a deliberate policy of inclusion that will drastically end the immoral culture of nepotism.

“The government must design a more comprehensive and wide-ranging method of recruitment that is transparent as a means of generating patriotism and reversing the ugly face of feudalism and prebendalism.

“There is a need for a clear communications strategy that will serve to inspire and create timelines of expectations of results from policies.

“There is a need for clarity over questions of the who, what, when, and how national set goals are to be attained and who can be held accountable.”

The clergy man also noted that for the past 4 decades Nigerian leaders have looked like men in a drunken stupor, staggering while searching for the way home.

His statement reads further, “Our leaders chose the feast rather than the fast. We are today reaping what we sowed yesterday. For over 60 years, our leaders have looked like men in a drunken stupor, staggering, stumbling and fumbling, slurring in speech, with blurred visions searching for the way home.

“The corruption of the years of a life of immoral and sordid debauchery has spread like cancer destroying all our vital organs. The result is a state of a hangover that has left our nation comatose.

“Notwithstanding, Easter is a time to further reflect on the road not taken. It is a time to see if this Golgotha of pain can lead us to the new dawn of the resurrection. Nigeria can, and Nigeria will be great again. Let us ride this tide together in hope.”

The bishop however expressed satisfaction at President Bola Tinubu’s recent pronouncement that kidnapping and banditry should be treated as acts of terrorism.

He stated “If so, we need to see a relentless and implacable plan to end this menace with a definite deadline for bringing these terrorists to their knees, no matter what it will take,” he said.

Kukah encouraged the President to continue on the path of integrity, to further ensure that overbearing costs of governance be reduced and also make more extensive plans towards achieving both food and physical security across the country.

He said merely distributing money through already corruption-ladened structures is not enough and reduces the dignity of citizens.

The cleric stressed that no one needs to line up to receive aid when the nation is not in a war.

He advised “Give our people back their farms and develop a comprehensive agricultural plan to put our country back on the path of honour and human dignity.”


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