By Samuel Oyejola

Music is said to be a vocal or instrumental sound (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty or form, harmony, and expression of emotion. People place importance on music and the sound they listen to depending on their mood, the activity, and even the personality at the moment.

Music is said to be the food of the soul. It feeds the soul with nutrients that puts it in the best shape. Even when putting babies to sleep, we sing for them and this shows how important music is. In I Samuel 16:23, David was commissioned by King Saul’s advisers to play music any time the king was possessed and tormented by evil spirit. “And whenever the harmful spirit from God was upon Saul, David took the lyre and played it with his hand. So, Saul was refreshed and was well, and the harmful spirit departed from him.”

Healing music is the use of music to cause positive change in the physical, psychological, cognitive, or social functioning of an individual who has health or emotional challenges. Many people listen to a particular song based on how they feel at the moment. Emotions find expression when we sing. Music is the right option when we want to get out of a particular mood. It acts as a therapy since it has the ability to be used as treatment of different diseases and provide tangible benefit to our health. Many therapists recommend songs for their clients, why? They understand the importance of music to one’s health. Music plays an important role in the human nervous system because all our organs need to be healthy to function maximally. Mind you, singing the right song in the wrong place or time may cause mixed reactions and wrong message will be sent across because that song does not fit into the activity at the moment.

Music indeed is a major contributor in our daily activities. What we listen to has a major influence on our lives. The fact that you consistently listen to sad and sorrowful songs will unconsciously put you in a sad and sorrowful mood. You can’t just listen to any music and expect a result different from the music. As Christians, it is therefore important to feed your soul with gospel music. What you listen to consistently tends to register in your subconscious and replay involuntarily. There are various testimonies of people who received their healing just listening to a particular gospel music.

Music is not just a vocal discharge but a channel of healing. When you get into any hospital, you’ll discover that some patients have music playing around their bedside, they understand the effect of soul-lifting music to their health. Healing music have been proven to have many effects on different individuals because it releases some essential health benefits such as reducing tension, increasing the secretion of endorphins and also a natural sedation.

Listening to healing music each day affects our emotions in a positive way. Even an angry, sad, depressed person can get out of that mood by just listening to music, and not just any kind of music but the right music. Some persons are so sensitive that they literally cry when listening to music. They connect to every lyric of the music and either the music blesses them or brings back memories.

If you have an experience in the medical line, you would find that even before any major procedure, the doctors would advise the patient to listen to music and not just any music, because it has a way of reducing anxiety and reduces the need for sedatives; those who get to listen to music in the operating room get to reduce their level of discomfort during their procedure, even the surgeons get to flow well.

Healing music can help people who are recovering from stroke or a traumatic brain injury that has damaged the left-brain region. It helps to restore lost speech because for you to sing, the right side of the brain is responsible for it. So many times, people get inspired to record a song when they overcome some kind of trauma. They try to express their emotions, the exact feelings they had at that time through music. And you never can tell that your emotions being expressed through music can actually help any person going through the same emotions.  Nobody just wakes up to sing, there must be something that inspires the song.

Music can also help in pain reduction. We go through one challenge or the other at different occasions. You’ll notice your choice of music can either reduce your pains or add to it. Someone who is depressed who has really given up on life can get out of that mood by just listening to music. Soul-lifting music, inspired music, song of thanksgiving; even a discouraged soul can get encouraged just by listening to music.

Today, different sites have been developed to help us access the music of our choice with just a click. We have gospel, secular, love, cultural music. People can choose the one that suits their emotions per time. Music is indeed an essential part of life; imagine the world without music… how boring and unexciting it would be! Music is the best treatment for the body, soul and mind. Music brings back memories. Some music brings back memories from your teenage years, memory of loved ones, heart break, someone you lost, happy days, etc. Sometimes, when a particular music plays, you will not want to change it so you put it on repeat because of the memories attached to that particular song.

Even in the academic world, we combine music and learning together in order for the students to understand faster. You can still remember your nursery rhymes today because of music. Combining songs with the letters of the alphabet enhances memorization. Even in helping children learn colours or understand a formula, it is easier with the aid of music. Even some adults understand better and faster with the aid of music. If you are one that likes music while working, then you can understand the effect of music in the whole process. You get the work done faster and stress-free.

 The role of music cannot be overemphasized as it has a major impact on our daily routine. And streaming the right music at the right time aids our healing of any sort. We cannot downplay the importance of music. For every occasion, there is a music that suits it.


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