Pastor E. A. Odeyemi

Bible Text: Revelation 19:7-8

I believe without any doubt, every one of us who have been here since the beginning of this convention have received something from God beyond expectation. We began from Beyond Salvation and all the way we’ve reached this particular level that we are today. Without any doubt, God has loaded everyone. He has loaded us with blessings beyond expectations. We pray that your blessings will abide with you forever.

Someone might ask, after all that has been seen, said and done, what again could be the Best of the Best?

A day comes when we’re going to give glory to God, when we are going to have a mighty thanksgiving service like we’re having today for this glorious convention Beyond Expectations. A day is coming when we’re going to rejoice and we’re going be glad in heaven when everyone in the world has made it at last. We’ll be able to give all honour to the one who sits upon the throne of all the universe forever and ever. That day is coming and on that particular day, you’ll not be found wanting in Jesus’ name.

The Best of the Best is the marriage of the Lamb, of which you’re going to be a bride, of which I’ll be a bride and without any doubt, all of us we’ll be there on that day in the mighty name of Jesus. As the Lord Jesus was rounding up His assignment here on earth, He told His disciples in John 14:1-3, He said “let not your heart be troubled, ye believe in God, also believe in me. In my Father’s house are many mansions”.

In the world here, when we see a house beyond our description, we call it a mansion. But in Heaven, when we have together all the mansions, we call the place a house, “in my Father’s house are many mansions” because His house is so expansive that the Bible says the heaven of heavens cannot contain it. I believe without any doubt, as believers we’ll like to visit such place, we’ll like to see such a house that will house mansions upon mansions; that will be our experience when we make Heaven at last. When we’ll enjoy that particular Best of the Best; when we experience it and it becomes a reality in our lives, We’ll be able to say it is time to be glad and to rejoice and to give honour to Him. That will be our experience in name of Jesus.

What should we be expecting in heaven? Do you know many people used to think heaven is such a boring place, most especially whenever we hear it’s going to be for eternity? Many people will think what are we going to do for eternity because here in the world after you’ve lived for decades, you’ll begin to decay, you’ll begin to wish you can come out of this place. But over there, eternity will be fun, it will be full of enjoyment. In Heaven, we’re going to have lots of good music, we’re going to have worship and praise, we’re going to have a lot of joyful noise, we’re going to have a lot of shouting because no boring moment in heaven. If there’s someone who would be there, let me hear you shout a glorious hallelujah!

The Bible then says in Revelation 4:5, in Heaven you’ll hear lightnings and thundering and voices and anyone who doesn’t like noise, please don’t attempt to go there. For those of us who enjoy noise making, let me hear you shout hallelujah! I know you’ll be there in the name of Jesus.

Every believer is to be excited about heaven. Our Father-in-the-Lord told us years ago, he said one day in heaven will make you forget all the sufferings you’ve ever had in the world and one day in hell you won’t remember you ever enjoyed in the world. None of us will go to hell in the name of Jesus.

That’s the reason why Jesus told some of his friends these stories so they can prepare the heart of men and women for this heaven. He’s so comely about Heaven and He’s the preacher who preached more than every other person about hell because as the creator of both heaven and earth and hell, He knows exactly what is there.

The Bible says in Luke 16:23 that the rich man was in torment and he saw Abraham as Lazarus was there with Abraham, and he said father Abraham have mercy on me. He was asking for mercy when it was too late. May I tell somebody here, the rich man did not go to hell because he was rich, Lazarus didn’t go to heaven because He was poor, and I’ll show you a secret today why the rich man went to hell while Lazarus went to heaven.

Luke 12:16 is the story of another man just like the story Jesus told us about. He was a rich man, he had a mighty harvest, he had something to rejoice about, he had what he would call beyond expectation harvest. He began to think within himself what am I going to do with all this mighty harvest that I have? He said I’ll pull down my barns, I’ll build a greater one, I’ll store all that I have, I’ll reserve something for the future. In verse 20, God referred to him as a fool. He was a rich man, he was wealthy, but God described him as a fool. One could be rich and be foolish. The question I will ask you at this point in time is, are you rich towards God? That is the reason why I want us to learn some certain principles from these personalities we have just read about.

Why did the rich man go to hell and Lazarus went to heaven? 

Number one: it is the place of priority. He prioritized enjoyment and pleasure, he prioritized banking on his resources so that at the end of the day everybody would say here comes the richest man, here comes the wealthiest man, that’s what he prioritized. He had no time to think about God – 1 Corinthians 15:19. That’s why the Bible says we should seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and everything will be added unto us. You must prioritize heaven if you are going to make heaven. The Best of the Best is reserved for us in heaven, that’s the only place you can say categorically, I have the best of the best because over there the streets are made with gold.  One of the most precious minerals in the world, that’s what they used to make the streets of heaven, that’s where you get the best of the best. Over there, whatsoever you reserve will remain. Whatever God has given you here in the world is to prepare you for that best of the best.

Are you wealthy here in the world? It’s to ensure that you have a place in heaven because here even money you saved in the bank will lose its value, the house you’ve built that your children will inherit, your children will sell it, and tear it apart, they will forget about it. The clothes you gathered together, by the time you die, they will be useless; your wristwatches, nobody will be interested in them, they will become obsolete. What is it that that you have that you have prioritized above heaven? You’ll regret you ever put your heart on them. The Best of the Best is to make heaven.

Number two is preparation. Are you preparing yourself for Heaven? Jesus makes us understand to always watch and therefore be always ready. The question comes to you today, “Are you ready for death or for rapture?”

Number three is Purity. 1 John 3:2-3 says that when He shall come, we shall appear like Him, we shall see Him as He is. Remember the Bible says, ‘be ye holy as I am holy’. That’s the demand for us to make heaven. The Bible makes us understand, it’s the thing you do on daily basis. You watch your life to ensure that you’re prepared by seeing that you go by rapture or by the time death would come knocking.

Number four, are you passionate about the things of God? Jesus said about himself the zeal of your house has eaten me up – Psalm 69:9. He was passionate about the things of God, that was the reason He was doing the work of the kingdom day and night. He was so passionate that when he entered the boat, he slept off in the midst of the storm. He was so passionate that He forgot about food that He was preaching the gospel. You must breathe while you still have your breath, you must do your best to save souls. There are lost souls all around us: our colleagues, our friends, co-workers, our family, and we have the social media. Don’t waste any precious moment of your life on things that will not add value to you in eternity. Be passionate for the things of God – Daniel 12:3.

Lastly, is purposeful living. Are you living the life of purpose? Are you living for the reason God sent you to the world? Have you discovered the reason why you are here? Jesus said in John 12:27, He knew the reason He was in the world. Even though He knew He would confront suffering, humiliation, shame and death, He said that is the reason He came to this world. I cannot run out now, I cannot jump out now, I must fulfil destiny. Purposeful Living! Those who will experience Best of the Best must live with a purpose every moment of their life. Are you living with a purpose? Or are you living for a post?

That’s why some questions are crucial. As I close, you must always ask yourself these three questions; I ask myself these three questions every time because I know the end can come at any single moment. These questions help me stay focused.

Question 1: Why am I here?

Question 2: Where am I headed?

Question 3: What am I living for?


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