The breakaway of former Senior Pastor of Jesus House Baltimore, of the Redeemed Christian Church of God in the United States, Tola Odutola has been received with mixed feeling by various individuals.

Odutola served as Pastor in Charge of Region of Redeemed Christian Church of God North America Region 9 (RCCGNAR 9) and was the founding chairman of the Redeemer’s Leadership Institute (a forum that provides training for Religious Leaders worldwide).

According to report, he informed his congregation on Sunday, some weeks ago that he will be leaving the church after 30 years of service; he leaves alongside with his wife.

According to report, he said “I have served in the Redeemed Christian Church of God, this organization for thirty years, thirty years of my life that cannot be taken back. If you add thirty years to my age now I’ll be ninety one.

“I served for thirty years and I have not got anything from the organization. Nothing at all, telling me ‘take you have done well’ But I know that God is a rewarder.

“I know that they’ll be many people out there who will be disappointed in my decision. I apologise, but we are not going back. I help build that church for thirty years and I got nothing. I’ll be demolished on social media, i know that, but I do not care, I want to focus on the job God has given me now.”

The video of his resignation  went viral and his action triggered comments from a good number of individuals who are either in support or against his actions.

Odutola was believed to have disagreed with the church authority over proposed administrative restructuring of her branches in the United States.

However, a source in the Church has disagreed with reasons Odutola advanced for his action. It was said RCCG has a culture of appreciating her pastors and particularly long serving ministers during her annual convention. The source added that any proposed administrative restructuring by the church authority is for the good of the Church and members.

As at the time of filing this report, RCCG is yet to officially respond to Odutola’s break away.


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