Pastor Toyin Olugbemi

By Pastor Toyin Olugbemi

Text: Romans 4:1-25, Hebrews 11:1-40


Joseph is another patriarch whose walk of faith by faith is exemplary. We need to learn from him, too. Being justified is good, staying justified is better. Lack of faith easily defiles a vessel unto honour. The walk by faith by the just requires consistency of holy conduct, otherwise, all efforts will be in futility.

In Genesis 39, we have an exclusive story of Joseph’s fear of God and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord. No one was present with Joseph when Potiphar’s wife demanded that he should sleep with her and he fled.

He could have reasoned that no one would know except the two of them, but he realized that God’s eyes were upon him and feared to sin against God. That was a notable walk by faith, for someone who had repeatedly dreamed of greatness.

Joseph feared God and trusted totally in Him. He could see into the future with the eyes of faith, having the mind of Christ and wisely counselling Pharaoh on how to respond to seven years of abundance so as to be able to manage and cope with the seven years of famine. His faith was such that he could foresee the future time when Israel would depart Egypt for the land God had promised to give their forefathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. This made him to sternly charge that his remains should not be left behind in Egypt but should be carried along with them for burial in the land that God promised his forefathers.

Joseph obviously had evidence of things not seen and was very certain concerning his hope of a final departure from Egypt to the promised land, as a place of final rest.


Undoubtedly, Moses was a just man who walked by faith and did great exploits. Many signs and wonders were done by faith through Moses, as he demonstrated the power and mightiness of the Lord God of Israel. Moses stood in the place of God to Pharaoh.  He confounded Pharaoh and the hosts of the Egyptians, making them to tremble and bow before the living God, the Maker of heaven and earth. Moses made God to be real to the children of Israel by his walk of faith, standing as the representative of the Almighty God before whom nothing is impossible.

Imagine the walk of faith that made God so vivid before the children of Israel when they were approaching the Red Sea with Pharaoh and the Egyptian army madly pursuing them. Moses had confidently declared that they would never again see the Egyptians by the time the Lord had fought and totally destroyed them.

May we attain to such a level in our walk of faith with the Lord, that we shall ever remain calm and unruffled no matter the threats and bravado of the enemy or the challenges confronting us in Jesus’ name.


David was a man that God justified by His grace and described in scripture as a man after His own heart (1 Samuel 13:14). He walked by faith, and his life, undoubtedly, glorified God. Among many instances of his life of faith, his encounter with Goliath by which he killed the Philistine giant and delivered the nation and army of Israel from forty days and forty nights of reproach was David’s long interjections and declarations before Goliath showed clearly that he was a man of unwavering faith in God. That he knew the Lord God of Israel and what He could do was not in doubt (1 Samuel 17:42-47).

David ran valiantly into battle against Goliath and he prevailed against him and killed him, cutting off his head with his own sword. He surely walked by faith against Goliath (1 Samuel 17:48-51).

Every Goliath troubling your life or threatening you in any respect is hereby dislodged by fire in Jesus’ name. The head of Goliath is cut off by the sword of the spirit which is the word of God. The Goliath of insecurity, social unrest and banditry plaguing the nation Nigeria is hereby conquered and slaughtered by the power of the Holy Ghost in Jesus name. Unemployment will no longer ravage or dominate your economic life in the mighty name of Jesus. Just believe and you will see the glory of God. It is your time to testify.

There are many just men who have walked by faith that time will not permit us to name one by one. Even the scriptures declare that they are too many for us to recount all who walked by the faith of the son of God, Jesus Christ (Hebrews 11:32-36).

The New Testament believers who walked by faith are quite numerous, including the Apostles and several disciples of Jesus Christ who were terribly persecuted and oppressed but remained faithful and obedient, even unto death. You are to endure hardship or hardness as a good soldier of Christ.

May the Lord strengthen you to overcome every machination of the enemy and all the schemes of wicked souls hunting for your life in Jesus’ name.                     


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