Pastor E. A. Adeboye

I will tell you a story.

When I was much younger, there was a young man in my village, we were of the same age; we were not even sure who was older than who and I am talking of 1956, so, you will know how long ago.

I am talking of a time when in my village, only one man had a car.

So, the rich people, (people you could call rich), are those who have bicycles; and in those days there were two popular brands of bicycles: one is called Roy, the other is called Raleigh.

Raleigh was like Mercedez x-class in my village then.

This boy as young as he was, everything he touched prospered. He had a brand new Raleigh bicycle.

And there was this elderly man in the village who had a very young wife, the girl was far from him in age – I think they married because of family arrangements.

And so, this my friend saw a young lady whose husband is old, so…, and the young lady saw a young man who have plenty of money, and so, they began to interact.

Now, the old man discovered, and called a compound meeting and told the elders: help me beg this boy to leave my wife alone, the old man warned.

In those days, things have changed now, if a man finds you fooling around with his wife, he doesn’t take you to court, he puts something on the wife that is called ‘don’t climb’

(Laughing) Lord, have mercy…

It means if you climb, you will die.

So after the old man warned this young man, and the young man did not listen, he put ‘don’t climb’ on his wife.

The elders will tell you that, if you climb a woman to whom that there is a notice ‘don’t climb’ (an invisible notice), what will happen is that, after you have done what you have done, you will begin to somersault.

Now, if the fellow somersaults first time, second time; provided he doesn’t somersault the third time, there is still a cure: the solution is to hold him down and cry for help.

So, this my young friend went into the house of the young wife when everybody had gone to the farm and he began to somersault – first time, second time, (he was crying to the woman, hold me down, hold me down), but terrifying, instead of holding him down, the lady ran out.

So, this young man with tremendous potentials died naked.


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