Pastor E. A. Adeboye, RCCG G.O

I have told you the story before. Several years ago, I have this little camp ground in Epe.

We wanted to prepare a little place for workers meeting, so we needed toilets, so I got a surveyor to take the contract, to build two big latrines, one for men and one for women. At that time we were still using feet. Each one was expected to be 6 feet deep, and we negotiated how much and he asked me to show him the place. So, I took him to the place, when he began to measure, instead of measuring sixty feet, he measures sixty meters. Then, God spoke to me and said, son, correct him! I said no! If he is a surveyor and he doesn’t know the difference between feet and meter let him suffer for it.

We went to the second place he began to measure again in meter instead of feet. Daddy spoke to me, son, correct him. And I said no! Which university did he go to?

After he finished measuring, there is this hefty Hausa man who was one of the diggers that was helping him to dig. And if you have ever seen these diggers, you will know what I am talking about. He saw me and smiled at me and said ‘Megida.’ I want to be a nice fellow, so I stretched out my hand to receive his hand, and he grabbed my hand and he began to crush it, and I am telling you the hand of this digger is like iron. He was crushing my hand and he was smiling, the pain was horrible. I had to cry out to God, Father, help! It is not a joking matter, you can laugh, it is not your hand!

And Daddy replied me immediately and said “I told you to correct him! I said “I will, I will”. And the man released my hand. So, I called the surveyor, corrected him but in the main time my hand was burning like fire. As I was going to my car, I was grumbling, Daddy, this punishment is too much. He said, I will not tolerate any nonsense from you. That is the truth, God is love, that is the truth, but He is also the consuming fire. And you shall know the Truth and the Truth will set you free.

If you think you can mess around with God you are in for a surprise. Wonderful God, beautiful God, He is the God of grace, but don’t abuse that grace.


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