Deaconess Awoniyi Hannah

Last year convention, I was pregnant with this baby but I was bleeding and I was at the hospital, so I was unable to attend the convention. On Thursday during that convention, our father-in-the-Lord declared that ‘there’s someone here, my Father said I should tell you that your Perfect Jubilee will be everlasting’ and I claimed it as I said ‘Amen’ on the hospital bed. So, when I was about to undergo CS operation for this baby, she was declared already dead because I was losing so much blood. Immediately, we went for the CS operation and after the operation, the baby came alive and indeed they saw that the baby wasn’t dead.

They also told me that my life is at stake because it’s placenta previa which is considered to be very dangerous. It’s either it takes the life of the mother or the child but immediately they saw it didn’t take the life of the child, they said it’ll take my life. So, I began to fight for my life because I lost a lot of blood. Then I remembered the word of declaration by our Daddy that my Perfect Jubilee will be everlasting. So, I told God to perfect it just as a He started it, that whatever He says He will do, He will surely do it and that’s how God saved me. Despite the doctor’s statement of my life being at stake, I’m alive today, my baby is alive also. Kikiope Jubilee is alive. Here’s my perfect jubilee, my perfect jubilee is alive and I’m alive!  Praise the Lord!

Deaconess Awoniyi Hannah


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