Pastor kola Ishola

On the 25th of January, during a 50-day fasting and prayer, I was going to the church for evening prayer meeting and as I alighted at the bus-stop, I saw a group of people shouting help; by the time I got there, I saw a man lying down lifeless. I managed myself to get into the crowd and laid hand on this man on the floor and I started praying. I remembered Daddy G O said during the last Holy Ghost Congress that you shall lay hands on a dead person and he will rise. To the glory of Almighty God, within the space of 5-10 minutes, this man started breathing, coughing. I lifted him up from the ground, rested his back on my knee as I was still praying, speaking in tongues. Suddenly, the man started breathing to the glory of God. I found out that the man was hale and hearty after this restoration to the glory of Almighty God. Praise the Lord!

Pastor Kola Ishola


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