Mrs. Oshionu Ndoka

I have come to return all glory to God Almighty for saving my husband. After the 2023 convention when we closed on Sunday, I went home. On a Monday morning, I anointed my husband’s picture as the Spirit of God ministered to me. At night when we were doing our devotion, the Spirit of God ministered to me again that I should anoint his picture and I did. When I was about to sleep, the Spirit didn’t allow me rest, He said don’t sleep because if you sleep you won’t be able to pray. I said, Father, I just came back from camp one week ago, let me just sleep this night. So, when I slept, it’s like somebody tapped me, around 11pm I woke up. He said start praying; I started praying for my husband. He said I should anoint the picture the third time, I did and then I picked up my phone and called my husband’s phone number and it wasn’t reachable. As I was praying, I slept off then woke up by 2am. The Spirit of God said I should pray for my husband then I started praying. That rig that capsized in Delta state, my husband was among them. The Lord saved my husband; how He saved my husband, my husband couldn’t explain. How he came out of the sea, he couldn’t explain. Many people died and some still missing but my husband came out alive.

Children of God, praise the Lord!!

Mrs. Oshionu Ndoka


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