Mrs Samiat Ololade Onabolu

I’m here to testify on behalf of my husband. I was here during last year convention. I got anointing oil that Daddy G.O anointed. My husband is an officer of the Nigerian Navy and he was posted to the Niger Delta Region. There, he has to go on various operations to combat militancy and kidnapping. So, one of those days, on November 7th, he was to go on this operation and each time he’s going like that I use the anointing oil from camp to anoint him.

So, this faithful day, he went for the operation and he was the one leading the team and as they were approaching the kidnapper’s camp, they didn’t know that they planted dynamites underwater. So as his boat got in contact with these dynamites, the boat exploded immediately and he was drowned. He didn’t know what was happening until after some minutes; he said he just felt like a hand brought him out of the water where he was drowned and tapped him to wake up and by the time he came out, he looked around and saw bodies shattered everywhere. Legs, hands shattered everywhere all around. He said he checked his leg inside water to ensure if he still had his own legs. To the glory of God, a lot of people died in that incident but my husband came out unscratched, uninjured, not a hair on his body was pulled out. I want to give all the glory to God!! Praise the Lord!!

Mrs Samiat Ololade Onabolu


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