Pastor Adeola Adewunmi

I want to give God all the glory and testify to the goodness of God. During last year’s Congress themed ‘Double Portion’, our Father-in-the-Lord prayed for double portion and I believed God for double portion. God has proved Himself in my life and family especially last two weeks.

One of our sisters came to the church, unknown to me she has been having issue of blood for many months. During the service, she told my wife that this has been her problem. My wife encouraged her to tell the Pastor. So, we met and without me doing anything, I just brought out the mantle then prayed with her. On the following thanksgiving Sunday, she came with a smiling face. Unknown to me, she hasn’t been having time with her children due to the issue of blood and they have been feeling unhappy. But after she came, the issue of blood stopped immediately through the mantle.

God dismantled the mantle of the issue of blood. Somebody shout a living hallelujah!!!

Pastor Adeola Adewumi


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