Pastor Olatunji Abiola and his daughter

I want to give glory to Almighty God that today this daughter of God is alive. During Youth Convention last year, I was in this auditorium with my wife working and we just received a call that our daughter had fire accident and before we knew it, she was rushed down to Health Centre. She was burnt from below her breast to her knees. It was much but to the glory of God, from Redeemer’s Health Centre to Babcock University Hospital, she spent a number of months there. They performed surgery on her and they said her chances of survival was 50-50 but to the glory of God, it was perfectly done.

Today, she can walk perfectly. She is no longer bending like then and we give glory to the Almighty God. We appreciate God for the prayers of brethren, the support from our leaders, the Youth body and Youth Province 3. Glory to Jesus!

Mr. Olatunji Abiola


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