Pastor E. A. Adeboye

I have told you this story before, but I will say it because of others all over the world who had never heard it.

In 1951 in my little village; it’s no longer little glory be to God. It was a small village, in those days only two Lorries come to town per day, one is Austin the other is Bedford and you can tell by the sound they make.

At that time, I can tell you the total number of people with pairs of shoes in the whole village were very few. I know the headmaster had one, the king had one, the catholic priest had one and some other people.

And so, the Anglican bishop from Ibadan came to visit our village and we in the primary school were lined up to receive him. The village hunters didn’t go to the farm, they were firing their Dane guns to give the bishop gun salute. And he drove in a very new black car.

He was wearing the robe of a bishop, beautiful robe and when he was coming out of his car, I looked at his shoes, oh God! It was black and shining. I have never seen anything like that before, my mouth was wide opened. Then, when it was time for him to go, farmers were giving him gifts; chicken, yams, eggs amongst others.

When I got home that day, I told my mother, I said mama; I am going to be a bishop; that was 1951.

Then I grew up, went to school and dropped out of church for years, I didn’t even go to church at all talk less of becoming Bishop.

But as God will have it somewhere along the line, He met me, He saved my soul, one way or the other He promoted me and I became General Overseer.

Then in 1981 I was visiting my village as General Overseer, and they arranged for the school children to line up the route, the hunters were firing their guns. I drove in a brand-new car and as I was about to come down from the car, I looked at my shoes, black and shining.

Let somebody shout halleluiah!


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