By Segun Oyetoro

For the umpteenth time, the General Overseer of the Mission, Pastor E.A Adeboye has reiterated that he is just a camouflage acting the script of the Almighty God, who in actual fact is the General Overseer of His Church.

This line of humility has become the order of the day at various fora where various disclosures are made to give God the credit for all He has done with the Redeemed Christian Church of God over the years.

This disclosure was made during the Ministers’ Conference where Adeboye anchored the proceedings of the gathering. He explained that ‘’ if any member of the congregation is in need, he runs to the Pastor. If the Pastor is in need, it is absolutely proper for him or her to run to the General Overseer

According to him, ‘’ I remembered that daddy (God) told me 40 years ago, that he has made me General Overseer as a camouflage, so, I will be the one people can see, but he will be the one doing the work.

During this period, he explained that his hair grew grey. ‘’That’s when my hair turned grey at the age of 40. God told me that, I was carrying the burden that was not mine that the church belongs to Him; he can take care of his own. Pastor Adeboye later prayed and decreed healing upon all the worshippers.


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