Pastor E. A. Adeboye

I was talking to my pastors some years ago; we were discussing the issue of transfer. I said if God speaks to me today and said, ‘my son, I want you to resign as General Overseer, but you will remain a pastor in the church and I want to transfer you to Kutuwenji, when you get to Kutuwenji you will still go to a village somewhere there.’ I will say, will you go with me? If he says ‘yes’. I will ask for His permission to let me pack one suitcase, let my wife pack two; because she will have to take some cooking materials. Because I know, within one year, that village Kutuwenji will not be able to contain crowd, because if God is there His miracles are happening, people will travel from Lagos to be there. They will come from Ibadan, they will come from everywhere.

I am praying for somebody here today, that prosperity that brings in every other prosperity, the Almighty God will bring it to you today in Jesus name.


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  1. Jehovah is God.
    Wherever the presence of the Lord is, will be miracles, signs and wonders.

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