Last week, Meilleur and I scheduled to have a date night on Friday. It was my idea, and he agreed to it wholeheartedly. So, I looked forward to it.

Friday morning dawned bright and beautiful and I excitedly got up to carry out my chores for the day, so I’d be rested and ready to go out with Le Boo when he returns from work.

Part of the plans for the day was to do the laundry, go to market and make soup. In fact, Meilleur and I had an early morning tête-à-tête to remind ourselves of the plans for the day before I went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.

I was done with breakfast and getting ready to take the clothes outside to start washing when Meilleur called me back into the room for another tête-à-tête about the amount he’d give me for market runs.

I accepted the X amount he was going to drop but carefully reminded him that it’d only tide us over for the weekend. In a split second, Meilleur said something that really pissed me off and the next second, I was intensely displeased.

Next thing, ‘Mama Obi’ was not greeing for ‘Papa Obi’.

I returned the money he had given to me and frankly said I wouldn’t be going to the market again. Meilleur apologized for what he said and desperately pleaded with me to reconsider. But I was no longer in the frame of mind to continue any conversation with him. I told him as much, then carried the clothes outside to wash.

About 20 minutes later when Meilleur was leaving for work, he calmly walked to where I was washing and said: “Babe, if you change your mind, I left the money for you on the cupboard. I’m going.”

And I responded: “Okay, have a great day.”

In that instant, I knew that I’d already changed my mind. I cannot kwechiri. (I cannot be unbending)

It’s not me that Satan will use to fight my husband this January 2024.

I don’t know how it started but it seems the unanimous tagline for 2024 is “no gree for anybody”.
I don’t mean to be a kill joy, but you better be careful what you say and agree to, especially if you’re a Christian, and particularly if you’re a Christian wife. Yes, this message is mostly directed and dedicated to Christian wives.

You must learn to discern when your hubby is holding out an olive branch. And when to hold out an olive branch yourself. Disagreements are normal in every relationship, including in a godly and happy marriage. But if you choose to not gree for anybody, including for your husband, when there’s a disagreement, then you’ll be setting up yourself for catastrophes.

Back to my story, I greeedddd for Meilleur.

I went to market, bought the things I could and prepared his preferred soup as originally planned. Afterwards, we had our date night as planned. Meilleur even added an extra 50% to the original budget I had for the date night.

And we’re living happily ever after.

This year, be wise, discerning and completely yielded to the Holy Spirit. Don’t just jump on any trend or popular mantra.

Love and Wisdom,


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