Pastor E. A. Adeboye, RCCG G.O

My mother told me that when she was going to see the priest concerning my baptismal name, the name she had in mind was Elisha. But when she got to the man, she had forgotten, so she said Enoch. I said no problem I will keep the two; Elisha double portion anointing, Enoch the man that walked with God.

You want to know my full name? I will tell you today, but before I tell you my full name, do you know I was born on a Sunday? Don’t let anybody deceive you all these people who are older than seventy, they don’t know their birthday. They just chose one. Nobody wrote down names in those days, nobody wrote down birthdays. They just chose one, because you have to give a name in the school, official birthday.

So, I asked my mother, when was I born? She said the year that so and so King mounted the throne in Ilesa. I said okay I know that one that was in 1942.

I said what month? She said how do I know? But she said I can tell you one thing; it was a Sunday. She said I know it is Sunday because they were celebrating something in the church and so everybody left and I was alone in the house. So, I delivered you alone.

What else can you tell me about that Sunday? She said it was a very strange Sunday. The rain was falling and the sun was shining, which is an indication in our area that a Tiger was being born. You may think I am joking, ask my elder sisters they are still alive, (now late) they will tell you one of my nick names is the Tiger. Do I look like a tiger to you now?

But if you want to hear my full name, you will find that the full name should be something like Enoch, Elisha, Sunday, Adejare, Adetona, Olagundoye Adeboye alias the Tiger. There is one alias I won’t tell you, that one is reserved for my wife.


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