By Olusegun Obisanya

The General Superintendent, Deeper Christian Life Ministry and Convener of Global Crusade with Kumuyi (GCK), Pastor William Kumuyi has launched an online platform wholly dedicated to youth, young adults and young professionals.

Known as the King’s Circle, the already burstling online platform was created by the former university done to aid young people rediscover themselves and explore their God-given endowments for their upliftment and national development.

Kumuyi, who is the convener of the monthly global GCK, in his terse message has charged young people to prepare themselves spiritually, physically and mentally for their roles as future leaders so they would not fail their generation.

The revered international evangelist stated this at the World Online Press Conference organised to launch the GCK King’s Circle.

With daily inspiring episode, the KC has been launched on Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), Instagram, attracting unprecedented large followership of young people globally.

Kumuyi posited: “Life is a race which include developing a good personality, character, charisma, competence and courage that will help you as youths to run the race of life.

“You also need to run using your brain, mind, heart, soul and your personality with a particular destination in mind while what you eventually obtain is the evidence of your running.

“You cannot run with your neighbour’s legs or energy since you have different mindsets while I charge you to rise up if you have fallen, do away with discouragement and despair, concentrate and follow the path that leads to the peak of the mountain which is your destination.” 

Speaking, the former Managing Director, Guardian newspapers, Mr Emeka Izeze said, “My professional practice at the highest level has taught me that there is no greater imperative in the world today than for dealing with the needs, spiritual and physical of the youth population of the world. And you can find no better man to power this project than Dr. W. F. Kumuyi. He’s a man who breathes and thinks youth. Here is a man so passionate about the spiritual well-being, about the physical upliftment of young people all over the world.

“And it is impossible for you not to be enraptured by his passion for young population. He’s a man that never ceases to excite the young. And now, a man bent on inspiring the young all over the world to do great things, to change their life, to change their focus, to change the direction of many. It is impossible, from my experience to resist the good of this project, GCK King’s Circle. It is a transformational journey, and it is a time whose time to lead has come.”


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