There is nothing like wanting a better life for your family as a father, and so a man, having heard of a country where the pasture is greener, decided to try his luck. His plan was to go ahead, test the waters and settle before coming back to take his whole family with him to a better life over there.

Before leaving for this journey, he ensures that he laid down rules and conditions for his children to be worthy of relocating to this new country by the time he comes back to take them.

Having an idea of what this far away country is like, he warned his children to be prepared as his coming would be unannounced and without any form of warning. Since the condition they currently lived in is unbearable and the authorities are not friendly, he said he would not waste his precious time when he is back waiting for whoever is not ready but would leave as fast as he arrived with only those who are ready for the journey. Shortly after this charge, he left for the journey to prepare the new place for them.

Motivated by the urge for a better life, the children fixed their mind on the picture of the new city painted by their father and took the decision to live by his instruction. Hoping that his return would be within a short period, they became discouraged by his long absence and their hope gradually waned. However, the thirst for a new city would not allow them to give up.

The instruction to stay indoors and not mingle with the other children became an uphill task for them. One after the other, they found themselves giving in to the urge to play outside with other children against the instruction of their father. They became so engrossed in the play that they forgot the promise of their father and the new city.

But one of the children would not bulge in spite of the temptation. He stayed indoor and was glued to the window overlooking the city, longing to be the first to sight his father by the time he appeared on the horizon. He tried to dissuade his siblings from going outside against the instruction of their father but it was to no avail. They assured him that they would be back indoor before their father comes back.

Unfortunately for these erring siblings, the noise of the party they were attending would deafen their ears and they would not hear the loud announcement of the arrival of their father. Upon his arrival, the father who had acquired riches and came in full glory left for the new city with the beloved child that waited for his coming and stuck to the instruction he gave before embarking on the long journey.

The second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ will be unexpected like that of a thief in the night (Revelations 3:3), therefore Christians are expected to watch and pray. Any form of loose guard would be totally detrimental and a waste of time on earth.

However, the main issue is how prepared are you for the second coming of our Lord? The world is saturated with distractions and many Christians are falling for these vanities. The challenges in the world are making a lot of Christians to compromise their stand for God. It is however not enough basis to lose sight of the goal – to make heaven.

Sounds and treats of wars are all around: famine, global warming, inhuman and inordinate affection and the world is spiraling freely to legitimize immorality. In all these, Christians are expected to remain focused on the second coming of our Lord Jesus and not be fooled like the unwise virgins who allowed their lamps to run out of oil.

You must be ready and be prepared for His second coming, how prepared are you?


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