For anyone to get ahead in life, help is important and sacrosanct. No human is an island on its own neither is any human self-sufficient to lead a life devoid of assistance. In life, there must be a Jonathan for a David to survive tribulation and become a king; there must be a cupbearer that must speak for Joseph in order for him to become Prime Minister in a strange land. For you to fulfil destiny, the impact of destiny helpers in not farfetched.

In Amos 7:3, the question was asked, “How will Jacob survive, since he is so small?”Jacob’s survival is dependent on the help he can get. Without such help, Jacob may be doomed in life in spite being God favourite, Rom. 9:13. It is therefore impossible for anyone no matter how formidable, intelligent and social status, to live in isolation.

For you to therefore live to fulfil your destiny, you must have encounter with your destiny helpers. As a matter of fact, locating destiny helpers should be the major focus of man instead of living life alone and pretending to be self-sufficient and self-reliant. To fulfil destiny, you must be connected with the people that have been strategically located by God for you.

Seeking help from destiny helpers is not limited to anyone or status. Regardless of your anointing, wealth, social and political status, you need destiny helpers to fulfill destiny. This is a divine arrangement orchestrated by God for every human being. Failure to have an encounter with these helpers would cause a life of struggle and would be full of misery and unhappiness.

The road to destiny fulfilments is meeting the right connections. Such meeting would catapult you to the rightly ordained place. It is therefore very important that you must be careful because some ability and potentials in your life many never activate unless you meet the right helpers. Millions are wandering around the world miserably because they have at some point in their lives missed the needed and required helpers of destiny.

Helps strengthens man to go faster, brings quick recovery and allows you to attempt great thing for God.

There are as a result different categories of helpers. There are the advisers. Recall that the road to Naaman’s recovery from his protracted leprosy started when a slave girl told Naaman’s wife about a prophet in Israel that could cure him. The General would have missed the opportunity for healing had one of his soldiers not convinced him to see reasons to the directive given by prophet Elisha that Naaman should bath in River Jordan seven times to get his healing.

Also, there are destiny helpers that come in form of counselors, informants, good friends, mentors. Counsels that you receive from persons and have or would have positive and watershed

impact in your life are priceless and invaluable. There are also those who give you priceless information that would change your destiny. More also, there are the likes of Moses to your Joshua, and also Jethro to your Moses. You can learn from a lot of people who have been where you are heading. They have the experience and scars to help you. Their counsel and advice would save you from pain which they have leant by experience. They can see further than you because they have been there before. That mentor has what you admire but lack. He gives you direction on what to do in order to fulfil your destiny.

It must be noted that many of lives failure is the absence of destiny helpers at the critical time that they are needed. It is therefore important that the gap that is created by this lack of destiny helpers is filled. The most important part of it all is that you must be discerning enough to know who your friends, mentors, informants, and counselors are.

To this end, to connect to destiny helpers, you must discover and understand your divine assignment. It is rather unfortunate that while many are moved by materialism, fame and other vanities, they forego their divine assignment and struggle to make it in a wrong endeavor. Jonah’s assignment was to go to Nineveh to preach repentance its inhabitants but he declined and decided to go the opposite direction, Jonah 1:1-3. He faced the repercussions of his action.

You must also repent from every known sin. Samson, in spite being a child destined to lead the Israelites could not complete his assignment due to the lust of the flesh. Judas Iscariot eventually committed suicide and could not be counted amongst the apostles because he allowed worldly vanities to detract him.  Joseph the dreamer who eventually became the Prime Minister in Egypt, would not have gotten to that level had he succumbed to the advances and sexual pressure from Portiphar’s wife.

Prayer is another key factor for you to locate your destiny helpers and discover your divine assignment on earth. Jesus Christ himself confirmed that some miracles would not happened except they are tackled by prayers and fasting. Be guided by prayers and pray the helpers into your life.

Aside this, you must demonstrate godly character. Ensure that your character does not contradict what you profess. There are a lot of Christians who claim to be godly but their character is in sharp contrast to the virtues of Christianity. This can wade off destiny helpers.

Diligence is one key factor that can attract destiny helpers to your life. In spite the current social

decadence in the society, hard work and diligence are still appreciated. No wonder King Solomon said that any man that is diligent in his work would stand before kings and not mean men.

More also, you should be ready to sacrifice, invest and sow good seeds into people’s lives because it is written that “good measure, pressing down, shaking together and running over shall men give to your bosom,” Luke 6:38.


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