When I lost my husband in 2005, I didn’t know that there was a reason why God brought me to be in the Camp. When my daughter was 18 years old, she became mentally unstable. She was taken from one place to another. My pastor came to our father in the Lord to collect anointing oil for her. I started applying it to her body and I came to the altar of God and said if God can heal this girl and make her to gain admission into university and give her, her own husband, I will come and thank Him. God did it!

Second, my second son was exactly 18 years old when he went to play football and had an injury. I took him to hospital from one place to another. One day, I took him to Navy hospital and the doctor said the hips have damaged, that they are going to import another hips from abroad, that I should go and budget for 2 million just to deposit. I started crying that God where am I going to get the money. I brought the x-ray to the altar of God and I said God, if you can heal this boy and the boy can walk with his legs without paying, I will come back to this altar and give testimony, and God did it for me. This boy has also gained admission into university. Today, he is using the legs from one mile to another to proclaim the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Shout Hallelujah!

A/P (Mrs.) Olowoyeye


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