Dr. Bisi Akande

Pastor Olabisi Olugbenga Akande, an Assistant Pastor in Charge of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Region 35 and Pastor in Charge of Youth Province 1 has been awarded an honorary doctorate degree by the Miles leadership university.

Akande was found worthy of the honour in view of his years of consistent high quality leadership education to students and youths of various backgrounds.

Dr. Bisi Akande, the Inspirer is called to inspire individuals to be more, so they can live and lead better. He is a certified Speaker, Trainer and Coach with the Maxwell Leadership Certified Team; a network of Independent international Coaches and Leadership Coaches and Speakers. 

He is a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources International, a licensed Neuroencoding Specialist with the Neuroenconding Institutes and DISC Certified Behavioral Analyst.

He had a background in the Natural Sciences with a degree in Chemistry from the University of Jos. His post graduate education is in International Relations and Strategic Studies [Lagos State University] as well as Business Administration with special interest in Human Resource Management. [Redeemer’s University]

Dr. Bisi Akande is a member of several professional bodies including Nigerian Institute of Management, Chartered Institute of Personnel Management, and Charted Institute of Administrators, Fellow Center for Public Service Productivity and development among others.

He is also the founder of Global Teens Leadership Fellowship which seeks to discover leadership capacity in teenagers and help them develop by imbibing values that will help them impact their world. His belief is that rather than give in to peer pressure, they can put the pressure on their peers for positive impact.

He is the founding partners, LEAP Consulting Synergy; a Leadership and Human Capital Development firm with presence in Nigeria and Florida USA.


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