Pastor (Mrs) Shola Balogun

Text: Genesis 1:26-28

What does multiple mean? It means a number in excess, more than one, more than singular, it could be double, multiple, triple, even more. The Bible also describes multiples as abundantly. Genesis 9:7.

What does wonders mean? It simply means something that causes you to open your mouth; it’s like saying oh wow! Something that keeps you in awe, that you will not be able to close your mouth in awe, unexpected by human reasoning.

When human knowledge and experience cannot understand what is happening. A wonder is called by doctors, by people knowledgeable in the world, as something they say I can’t understand. Well, we can agree that it is one of those things, one of those miracles. But for us, you and me, we know it is a divine wonder – Exodus 15:11.

Examples of Multiple Wonders

1. There is one of our Area pastors who for seventeen and half years was trusting God for the fruit of the womb; no pregnancy, no children and his wife naturally felt discouraged because she has been dedicating the children of other people. Then God of multiple wonders stepped in; when she conceived, she brought forth three at a time. So, from two – husband and wife, three children were added making it five. Grandma came, making it six, then two nannies came, making it eight. From two to eight. Brethren, that is multiple wonders!

2. Another pastor in the same Area who had no child for ten years, the same year he had twins; multiple wonders!

The one who introduces us to multiple wonders is God Himself – Genesis 1:28. So, it is the word of God that brings the wonders of God. God said multiply. God introduces divine and multiple wonders into existence.

In Genesis 2:7, the breath of God is a wonder. God brought mere clay together and breathed into the clay and the clay became man. And the breath of God is the word of God and the word of God is Jesus Christ – John 1:1, John 1:14.

When God came into existence, we don’t know; when God created man, He had you in mind. You are so precious and important that when God created man, He wanted more of Himself. He created man in His image, He wanted to replicate Himself. So, He had you in mind that you should be fruitful; you produce after God’s kind, you become the success God had in mind.

More Examples of Multiple Wonders

1. Your mother experienced multiple wonders because your mother conceived you, you were not aborted and that’s why you are here now.

2. There is a lady about 22 or 23 years old, she was in our former parish. When her mother conceived her, at a very young stage of the pregnancy, the amniotic fluid, the water that covers the baby in the womb, broke, and that water is what covers and protects the baby in the womb. The baby also feeds from the water and once the water breaks, the next thing is that the baby should come out because the water usually breaks at the time of delivery. But for this young girl, what happened was that the water broke very early; the chances of the baby surviving were minus zero. But the wonder that happened, was that, that baby became full time nine months and the mother delivered her. Up till now, she is a graduate serving the Lord.

In Ecclesiastes 3:14, we are told that whatever God does is forever; no man can add to it, no man can take away from it. God does that so that man will fear him. It’s not the desire of God for you to suffer loss. God did not suffer loss. Therefore, you will not suffer loss in Jesus Name.

Our Lord Jesus Christ is a wonder, He was conceived without the sperm of a man and because Jesus is our senior brother, we are the same bloodline.

We all know the story of our father in The Lord; his family was poor. The poor called them poor. He didn’t wear shoes till he was 18. He must have looked a bit funny but then from that village, God chose a man who as a young man went to university and read maths. I tried very hard to get a pass in maths in my school certificate. I tried, I read and all I got was F9. Daddy G. O not only passed he got a PhD.

According to Acts 10:38, Jesus goes about doing wonders. He died, He rose and He is alive, Jesus is alive. Jesus is here to do you good. His name is Wonderful!


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