Pastor (Mrs.) Foluke Adeboye

Christianity is a way of life fashioned after the life of Jesus Christ who has come to the earth in flesh and blood to demonstrate the possibility of the Holy Spirit working in humans. The existence of the Holy Spirit dwelling in man is sequel to living a life of holiness reflecting love for God and the things of God.

However, it is no longer hidden that there are many supposed Christians who are yet to identify with Christ by their way of life and quest for the mundane things.

It is against this background that the Mother-in-Israel of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor (Mrs.) Folu Adeboye, spoke to married men and women as well as ministers and workers in the church who have not conformed to the image of Christ in their way of life to have a rethink.

Speaking at the Church’s 71st Annual Convention Ministers’ Conference held recently at the Redemption City of God, she enjoined couples in every family to be truthful to each other and live in unity.

She said couples, especially women, should speak out on marital issues to avoid physical and emotional abuses and violence, urging them to eschew grudges, bitterness, strife and unforgiveness among others.

The Mother-in-Israel advised couples to prioritize their financial commitment to homes more particularly in view of the present economic challenges in the country. She encouraged them to live within their income while paying attention to feeding, children school fees and other pressing important items in the family.

“You are to avoid unnecessary borrowing, register your children in a school where you can afford the fees. If you have your own compound, rear poultry and goats, plant vegetables to boost your standard of living,” she counselled. 

On children upbringing and training, she said parents are to train their children to be contented with whatever they provide for them. They are to be discouraged on lavishing money on cooked meals from restaurants and fast food joints. Parent are to ensure that their children dress well to reflect the image of Christ because nudity is shameful.

She said it is also the duty of the parents to ensure that their children avoid marriage from unbelieving families and churches.

Emphasizing more on marriage, Mummy G. O counselled members who are yet to marry to ensure that they do not marry strangers or someone outside RCCG. 

She said every intending couple must undergo comprehensive marriage counselling (not accelerated) as she noted that most female children are not married early because most of the young men are not ready. While waiting, they need to engage in doing jobs and acquiring skills through vocational training.

When they are eventually ready to get married, moderation in all things should be their watch word by having low-key and affordable weddings in order to avoid debts and waste.

“Time of engagement henceforth should not exceed one hour while reception is two hours; any violations will lead to suspension,” she hinted.

She advised them to watch out and avoid ungodly Bachelor’s Eve parties. “Limit the use of YouTube, etc., to avoid dragging the church’s name in the mud. We are Christ’s Ambassadors,” she added.


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