Pastor (Mrs.) Folu Adeboye, Wife of the RCCG General Overseer

By Bosun Obafemi & Samuel Oyejola

How beautiful and fulfilled is a life lived under the umbrella of divinity. Having to live a life that after you are long gone, your footprint is never erased on earth. A life not lived for self, a life that can be x-rayed and a carbon copy of Christ’s life is seen. Many are alive but dead because of lack of impact in the lives of others while some are dead but alive because of the impact they made.

A fulfilled life is not measured by the kind of clothes we wear, house we live in, children we have, and not even by the kind of man/woman we marry. A fulfilled life is one that is lived expressing the godly life and discharging our God-given potentials. If there is a time to live life at its best, then it is a time as this. The devil not only fights us but that Excellency of God we carry is a target to the devil daily.

Today, we celebrate men and women of impact all around the world. They have lived selflessly, not of their own will but to fulfil the heart cry of the Father (God). Jesus laid a blueprint of how we should live notwithstanding the situation whatsoever. He lived a poor life so that we can be rich. He came in the form of a baby and was born in a manger. So, people who desire to receive the compliment Jesus received from His father (GOD) should be willing to take up their cross daily and follow him.

Pastor Mrs Foluke Adeboye is an example of a life worth emulating. A woman of virtue, full of ruggedity and propensity. A wife, mother, mentor, instructor, conference speaker, and a televangelist. A woman full of insight and revelational knowledge. A helpmeet, and the beautiful wife of Pastor Enoch Adeboye, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God. A mother of blessed children.

Pastor Mrs Foluke Adeboye was born on July 13, 1948 into the family of Jacob Adeyokunu, who was a prince from a royal family. Mummy G.O, as she is fondly called, is an epitome of passion and zeal. She attended Methodist Girls Primary and Secondary School, Ilesha, from where she proceeded to the United Missionary College, Ibadan, where she graduated from in 1966. After that, she added more qualifications: a diploma certificate from the University of Lagos and another Diploma in Religious Studies and a Certificate in Directorate of Schools Studies from the University of Saint John and Mark Plymouth, United Kingdom.

Pastor Foluke Adenike Adeboye is blessed with rare gifts of administration, planning, hospitality, counselling, mentoring, ministering comfort, care, and encouragement to many, bringing hope, love and succour to the hopeless. Endowed with immense initiative, and great capacity for hard work. A missionary and minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ. A powerful intercessor, Bible Teacher and role model for lots of women. A pioneer of multiple projects, ministries and missions to the glory of God.

With a passion for planting Christian schools, she has made immense contributions to the Nigerian Education sector, coordinating work in the field of Christian Education by starting a vigorous movement (Christ the Redeemer’s Schools Movement) that has led to the founding of several Christian Educational institutions caring for the educational welfare of children in Nigeria and Internationally.

Foluke Adeboye was officially ordained a pastor in 1996 and since then, she has held top leadership positions in the church including President of the Redeemed Women Fellowship (God Women Fellowship), Director of Education, etc.

Pastor Mrs Foluke Adeboye

Mummy G.O. Mrs Foluke Adeboye is not just a woman, nor is she the regular, ordinary female gender; she is one that has all it takes and more for balance in all areas she focuses her energy. The only woman in the world that fits into the life of her beloved husband. Of a truth, the bone of his bone and the flesh of his flesh. Nobody would have complimented him like she did; what a perfect couple they are! Of a truth, who we marry can make or break us. The ability and wisdom to combine ministry and family, and both comes out successful, is a skill that must be studied.

She is a total embodiment of the qualities of the virtuous woman painted in Proverbs 31. Talking about virtuousness, indeed it is hard to find someone that can go the extra mile for another. A woman that is not living to please self rather living for God’s pleasure. A woman who let go of her own will and do the will of the Father. Who acts on instructions from God.  A woman whose heart is hidden in God that you have to consult God to have her attention. A genuine lover of God, someone who is accommodating and welcoming. A woman who has the heart of the people. A woman who feels compassion and makes sure everyone around her feels the same love and care. A woman who constantly puts others first. A virtuous woman is hard to find indeed, especially in a generation like this.

‘The heart of her husband trusts her and he will have no lack of gain’.

Pastor Folu Adeboye is not just a Minister of the Word, she also supports her husband in his ministry. She builds and makes the work of the ministry conducive for the husband. Her great passion for the ministry makes it easy for her husband to concentrates in his calling. Today, many celebrate the impact on our lives because someone understood her calling and decided to use her office for the betterment of her husband. A woman who is not afraid to be heard for Christ. A woman who goes all the way for Christ’s sake. A woman who is a lioness, bold, courageous, strong and ever-ready to defend the course of Christ.

A woman who is down to earth, whose word is seasoned with salt. A woman who understands her role in the kingdom work. A woman who is ever-ready to take the young generation on the path of success. A woman who has given her life up to be an example, a mentor, a book that other women can read and get inspired to aspire more. There are many women under her leadership who want to be like her because of her audacity for the kingdom. People love following results; indeed, she is one who has come out with a result that testifies that of a truth you can be a woman, mother and wife and still do ministry successfully. She makes her husband happy, builds her home and leads the children in the way of the Lord.

We see her as someone that influences others positively. She is an example to be followed. Her ministrations are evidence of the depth of her knowledge of Christ. She has the word of God in her. A very brutal teacher. A woman who dedicates her time to the study of the word. A woman who is always hungry for more of God. A woman who takes out time to train her children on how to follow the path of the Lord. Nothing dies in her hand.

A woman who enjoys the things of the Lord. We are made to understand her great passion for evangelism. Reaching out to lost souls, and populating the kingdom is a great impact to Christianity as a woman. Women were seen in different light before now in ministry but her presence has created lots of changes and growth in the body of Christ. She, being the first female pastor to be ordained in the Redeemed Christian Church of God,has been a great impact in the lives of women. Women were not seen or heard before, but now, women are proud to stand up for the gospel. You see the impact this great woman of God has made?

Today, women all over the place are demonstrating God’s wonders around the world because someone decided to take the first step. She has made it possible that no matter where, who, not even your gender, God can still use you. As it was earlier said, people follow result. Once they see your result, they follow you unquestioned because you have what it takes to advise them.

You can never make that life changing impact if you are still in the world of indecision. Christ is still raising men and women for His kingdom work. Choose to be a record breaker. You being a woman doesn’t stop you from going for your dreams or serving God. You will always excel in your place of assignment. Someone did that and it worked, so you are no different; just decide to be a different person.

When Mummy G. O holds the microphone, she dispenses the word with raw fire and with deep insight. We cannot ask for anything other than sitting to hear her speak. We join others across the globe to wish her many more fulfilling years.


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