I have a number of assets which I value. My salvation and personal relationship with God top the list, followed by my marriage and intimacy with the love of my life – Meilleur.

Sitting pretty in the third place are my two adorable sons, Timothy and Daniel, who are code-named white gold and black diamond, respectively.

Each of these assets are priceless, especially number one, because with Him, on Him and inside Him, do I have access to these other treasures.

However, neither of these qualify as my most-priced asset.

I know you’re wondering, “what then could this most-priced asset be?”

Before I tell you what it is, let me tell you a short story.

I lived a sheltered life from my childhood, to my teens and to my early twenties. Would you believe that I didn’t know the words “Valentine’s Day” or “Lover’s Day” until I was in the university, and I was already 18 years old?

Even though I attended FGGC Owerri where every boarder had a Val and things like “my val bought me this”, was a common statement, I was oblivious of what that meant because I was a day student and didn’t have many social discussions in that light.

In 2012, I graduated from the University and it dawned on me that I had passed through the university without the university passing through me. I was your regular triangular student: hostel to class to church and back to the hostel.

I was few months shy of 22 years old and I felt I needed some worldly experiences and exposures to help me appreciate my salvation better. AND to have more exciting stories to share when I get older.

You know when you hear some people say: “there’s no road there because I’ve been there”. Sometimes, the first thing that comes to your mind is: “lemme go there too and confirm that there’s really nothing there. Shey you survived? Me too, I’ll survive”.

You know, we often want to have our own experience of what it feels like to be saved from filthy sin.

This is one of the topmost temptations for those who have lived a seemingly clean life devoid of dramatic sin. The devil and the world constantly taunt you with the fact that you only got saved from the Adamic nature and petty sins like stealing and lying as a kid.

He steadily tries to convince you that your salvation experience will be richer and more exciting when you testify that you were once a cultist, once a call girl, once a drug addict, once a major fraudster, once a … Feel free to add any insidious sin that appeals to your flesh.

Well, like you, I often fantasized about what it’d feel like to be touched amorously – before marriage. Though I had my first boyfriend at 17, he lived in faraway Lagos while I lived and schooled in Owerri and Nsukka, respectively. We saw just three times in the 5 years we dated, and all we did was kiss – which is 100% ungodly, by the way.

But when I graduated from uni and broke my long-distance and totally dissatisfying relationship with my first boyfriend, I felt I was grown-up enough to test some waters with my salvation intact.

Long story cut short, I touched some things and allowed some things to touch me which finally gave me the thrill that my carnal mind wanted.

And then, I repented with deep remorse and sought the mercy of God which He graciously granted me.


What no one knows is the torture my soul went through and the battles my spirit fought to get back to my place in the spirit.

What I LOST in few SECONDS of pleasure, COST me YEARS of intense and intentional prayers, worship, fasting, word feasts, submission to mentorships and curated friendships, to regain.

Yes, I got married as a technical virgin – no one got the golden visa to my Jerusalem. But I was the willing tour guide to Samaria and Judea for the guys I was in a committed relationship with – actually engaged to.

(You already know that engagement is not marriage, so let no one fool you to let your spiritual and physical armour down because they put a ring on your finger or have met your parents and pastors).

To my single redeemed self, all was well in paradise until I got married and the consequences of my careless life showed up.

Yes, it was after I got married that I started having dreams and nightmares of lesbians coming after me.

All my life, consciously and unconsciously, I have never been into females, and I will never be. But right inside marriage, where I am licensed and entitled to be naked and unashamed, the demon of sexual immorality came for me, in the most disgusting form.

By the mercies of God, I now have total victory and freedom from that hellish assault through the Blood, the Word and the Spirit of God.

Finally, to answer your question, my Most-Priced Asset is my INNOCENCE.

I look young, feel young and act young, not just because of genes, but because I am intentional about what I let into my space – spirit, soul and body.

I don’t care who considers me a Jew-babe or a non-happening chick; I have gladly embraced JOMO – the joy of missing out on nonsense and all the things that the carnal mind desires.

I have set my face like a flint on that which God has sent me to do in the days He has graciously given me to live on earth.

I am too busy attending to my Father’s business to combine it with showing up for every event. Heck! You won’t even find me in every Spiritual meeting because the Lord has highlighted my teachers to me and I follow hard after them, leaving little or no room for other people’s teacher’s, talk more, frivolities.

And hey, don’t you dare assume that INNOCENCE is equivalent to NAIVETY, because that is the undoing of many believers.


I may be as gentle as a dove, but I am equally as bold as a lion and as wise as a serpent.

I study to show myself approved, and that is why I can engage Kings and Nobles in difficult conversations that bring solutions to nations and industries.

It doesn’t matter if you’re single, married, divorced, widowed or separated, don’t puncture your life and destiny with a sexual sin – be it a mere thought, a conversation or the main act.

Love and Wisdom

© ChinyereDistinguished, 2024



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