Pastor J. A. Adeyokunnu

A man of repute who is not only rich but extremely wealthy woke up one day, sat gingerly in front of his edifice and looked round, taking stock of what he has to his credit. Name anything; fleet of cars, mansions, estates, companies and businesses in their categories, belonged to him. But peace was a very scarce commodity in the life of this wealthy man. How he wished he could exchange all his possession for just a day of peace but to no avail.

He went out on a stroll one evening around his street and met a young vibrant evangelist who told him about the love of God and how he left his abode of riches and extreme wealth to this wretched world to die for the sins of everyone and made provision of peace for every single human that will walk through the surface of the earth.

The rich man was amazed that someone had already paid it all with his blood and life, all he needed to pay to receive peace in abundance. He asked this young evangelist how he could receive this Prince of Peace as the ruler of his life and he was led through a simple prayer of repentance that goes thus.

“Lord Jesus; I accept that I have sinned greatly and rejected your peace for so long, I am so sorry for neglecting your provision of peace for my life. However, Lord, today I confess you as my Lord and saviour and I accept you into my life as the Prince of Peace. Rule on Lord and make my heart your home forever. Thank you for accepting me as one of your precious children and for writing my name in the book of life. Amen.”

And that was how the wealthy man started enjoying the newness of life in Christ Jesus. I challenge you today that if this man could humble himself to receive this so great a gift of salvation that has been made available to us through Christ Jesus, how much more you my dear reader. Procrastinating is not an option to receiving this wonderful gift of love. Remember that popular scripture; John 3:16.

I urge you today that you should also, like that wealthy man, surrender your life to Him today to start enjoying the newness of life in Christ. John 3:17, 2 Corinthians 5:17.

The truth is, if you say the above prayer along with that wealthy man, you have become new in Christ effective from today and this would invariably reflect in every area of your life. Once this aspect of your life (knowing Christ) is right, all aspects of your life will start experiencing change. Try and see that the Lord is good!

New Joy
Every new beginning brings new joy. What a sweet experience. There is a certain joy that stems right from the believer which emanates from the Holy Ghost. This joy can only be found in the Holy Ghost. The bible says “for the joy of the Lord is your strength” – Nehemiah 8:10b.

God’s blessings to humanity have a way of springing forth His joy in us. Let’s talk about healing and see the case of the lame man by the Beautiful Gate. That man got just one overturning touch from God through his servants and became an evangelist right away because of the unquantifiable joy that started in him! He got a divine touch and a new beginning started in his life. He got a new Joy! Acts 3:1-8.

Take note of the phrase, “leaping and praising God”. This describes the new joy that he found immediately his healing came. Such shall be your testimony in the mighty name of Jesus. God’s healing brings restoration beyond understanding, no matter where you come from or what you have done or have not done. That man did nothing to warrant that healing but God favoured him and healed him and suddenly his life as a beggar ended and he was no longer addressed by the name ‘lame man by the beautiful gate’; what a wonderful God we serve.

Another example is the total healing and turnaround of the mad man of Gadara: Mark 5:1-19.

The kind of transformation that Jesus brought into the life of the above mad man is extremely total. Only Jesus can bring about this sort of positive transformation to the life of any human. The bible recorded that this man was mad to the extent that he sleeps in the tomb, cuts himself with chains. Have you ever wondered how the life of a man moving around with legions of demon is?

That life is void of anything good and so was the life of that man, but immediately he met with Jehovah Rapha: the mighty healer, all those demons bowed in reverence and left him at Jesus’ command.

I am in no doubt that once Jesus enters any life, the life becomes new and experiences divine joy. Why not get onboard with Him today and experience that newness and joy we are talking about.


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