Bishop Geoffrey Chukwunenye

In a scathing indictment of the current political situation in the country, Bishop Geoffrey Chukwunenye of the Anglican Diocese of Oru have said Nigeria is in danger of teetering on the brink of total collapse, and alarmingly, the government seems to be at a loss as to how to prevent this perilous descent into chaos.

Bishop Chukwunenye’s dire warning was a central theme in his 77-page presidential address, delivered at the first session of the sixth synod of the Anglican Diocese of Oru, which was hosted at St. Bartholomew’s Anglican Church in Nempi, Oru West Local Council Area of Imo State, over the weekend.

The synod served as a forum for the Bishop to expound on his grave concerns regarding the deteriorating state of Nigeria.

In His words: “The nation, Nigeria, is gradually sliding into a total collapse. The present government seems to have lost every idea on how to stop this downward slide and revamp the economy.

“Everything now looks like trial and error, or if you like, a case of try your luck. All the policies that are being churned out by the policymakers seem to be aimed at harming the people more.

“They all smear wickedness in content and outlook. A very good example is the increase in the electricity tariff to whatever percentage, they have pushed down our throats.

“From our experience in this part of the country, it is purely an increase in the darkness tariff. We have been here for the past 16 years as a diocese but in all these years, we have never enjoyed electricity for 20 minutes.

“All these times, we have only run on diesel and fuel. Now, the diocese has been sent a bill based on the increased tariff.

“The distribution company is insisting that the diocese must pay with or without supplying electricity or face the unsavoury consequence of disconnection.

“The question I have not ceased to ask the distribution company and government, which they have not answered is: Is it fair to the citizens to pay for darkness instead of light?”

According to the Bishop, hiking electricity tariffs without first stabilizing the power supply is a ‘putting the cart before the horse’ approach that punishes the consumer instead of addressing the real issue at hand.

In his Statement ““I think that the proper thing for this government and its distribution and generating companies should have done first is to ensure a steady supply of electricity before the increase in tariff. What they have done now is simply anti-people.

Because the leaders of this country called Nigeria have never cared for the masses, they will always put the cart before the horse.

“If they have achieved what Geometrics and Professor Barth Nnaji achieved in Aba, and increased the tariff, no sane person will ever complain, rather Nigerians will gladly pay any amount they are asked to pay.

“Let this government listen to the cries of Nigerians and always seek to do the right things for the benefit of the people. We passionately and graciously plead with this government not to kill this nation with taxes.

“As it is said, no nation on earth grows its economy through taxation. Economies are grown through production. This is where the government must focus its policies and energy production.

“A word is enough for the wise; a good and caring government. The government should realize that it is in power for the good and protection of the lives and properties of the citizens.”

In response to the pervasive tensions and insecurity in the South East geopolitical zone, Bishop Chukwunenye offered a message of gratitude and solace, He expressed profound appreciation to those who have put aside their anger and chosen the path of reconciliation

The bishop said: “We thank some of our brothers for seeing reasons to give up on their anger.

“No matter how genuine and justified their anger is, I believe it is now time for them to calm down completely. This will enable us to rebuild the land and the economy that is almost in ruins.”


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