Pastor CAF Obasa
Pastor CAF Obasa

The Almighty God visited worshipers with dedication gifts and His glory fell at the dedication of seven buildings across Oyo Province 11, Apata, when the Pastor-in-Charge of Region 21, Pastor CAF Obasa, came visiting.

Pastor Obasa who was led to the dedication Parishes by the Pastor-in-Charge of Oyo Province 11, Pastor David Erivona, and Senior Pastors in the Province and the Region, expressed overflowing joy that the buildings were completed in due time.

The dedication was done in three phases – two outside and one inside; it involved cutting the tape, unveiling the plaque and then declarations by Pastor Obasa. He went ahead to copiously explain Nehemiah Chapter 2, Psalms and Kings where he opened the eyes of the worshipers to God‘s heartbeat in choosing Solomon to build for Him. According to Pastor Obasa, ‘’no man can build for God without His divine assistance’’.

A group photo with the PICR and wife

Pastor David Erivona, encapsulating the history and essence of each Church dedication, gave God all the glory. He blessed the members for keeping faith with God, emphasizing that only the Master Builder can complete a project.

The Akufo Church (RCCG Christ the Saviour) was particularly symbolic and is worth giving special thanks to God for because it was the initiative of the wife of the Pastor-in-Charge of the Province, Pastor Elizabeth Erivona, who conceived the vision to build and supervised it from start to finish. The Pastor-in-Charge of the parish is Pastor and Mrs Akinola.

Another historic dedication is that of Rehoboth Parish in Aba Ayo Bakatari Mission Field which started under open air. The worshipers had metamorphosed into a praise sanctuary where miracles are in abundance during services. The Parish moved into her permanent site in 2021 and the Pastor-in-Charge is Pastor and Mrs Olumuyiwa Adeniran.

With 12 workers, Overcomers Assembly was given birth to in the home of Pastor Olusegun. God supported them and raised the Church with other children of God until Pastor and Dcns. Samson Akinwole became the Pastor-In-Charge.

RCCG Jesus Embassy was established during the 2021 Lets-Go-A-Fishing by Oyo Province 11 and led by the Assistant Pastor-in-Charge of Oyo 11 (Admin), Pastor Akinsehinwa, with his holy and spiritual entourage. It was inaugurated in February 2022, and has grown from strength to strength. The Pastor-in-Charge of the Parish is Pastor and Dcns. Raphael Atunwa.

In 2001, RCCG Liberty Parish was established under the then Governor of the Area, Pastor Oyeleke. The Church started in a rented apartment and God has moved the Church from glory to glory. The Pastor-in-Charge is Pastor and Mrs Oyatomi.

Divine Harvest Area is under Pastor and Mrs Kayode Balogun. The Parish started as a good case of accommodation problem that was transformed miraculously. It grew from arithmetic progression to geometric progression in due time as God catapulted the Church tremendously.

Pastor & Pastor (Mrs.) Obasa and PICP Oyo 11, Pastor David Erivona

Wonderful Parish has become God’s dwelling place for signs and wonders just as the name implies. God’s mighty touch has never departed from the Church, as it has become God’s abode.

Senior Pastors, worshipers and well-wishers graced the dedication occasion with expectant testimonies, miracles and God’s blessings, and they went home rejoicing.


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