Pastor & Pastor (Mrs.) E. A. Adeboye

I have told some of you before, on the day we were getting married we went to the registry and then we saw something happening, there was a girl who was dressed for wedding but she couldn’t find the bridegroom, the man who said he was going to marry her ran away. The girl nearly went mad but she survived.

After some time, she married a soldier, unknown to her the boy that jilted her also joined the army. And then God moved.

There was a military coup and then the husband of this girl became a governor. And the boy who jilted her was assigned to be the Aide the camp for her husband.

So anytime this girl wanted to enter a car, the former husband to be was the one who will open the door.

I decree to someone here today, by the time your promotion is accelerated to the point where God will do it, all those who have been mocking you will be bowing down before you.


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