Pastor E. A. Adeboye

Text: Exodus 19:1 & 3-6

When God was about to bring the children of Israel to himself on Eagles’ wings, if you hear Him talking to Moses in Exodus 3, He said to Moses, “I have seen the children of Israel, I’ve seen their sufferings, I have heard  their cry, I know what they are going through so, I have come  to deliver them.”

Today, the first thing God wants you to know is that at long last, He has noticed you, because when we talk about seeing, there is ordinary seeing, and there is noticing. In John 5:2-9, there was a crowd by the pool of Bethesda but God noticed only one person; somebody who had been there for 38 years. The Bible said when Jesus Christ saw him, he noticed him, and when God notices you, your life can never remain the same. He noticed a man who have been sick for 38 years and that day that man was healed. In Mark 2:1-12, when they brought that man who was paralyzed from neck downwards through the roof to Jesus Christ, the Bible says Jesus saw their faith, He saw the invisible they could not see. They carried the man in, but he walked out by himself.

In John 9:1-7, there was a man who was born blind. He had been blind for 40 years but when Jesus passed by, He saw him, He noticed him and before the day was out, that man was singing a new song. That man was able to say “whether Jesus was a sinner or not I don’t know, but one thing I know is once I was blind now I see.”

When God notices you, things change and you know what, He has noticed somebody here today. Maybe He noticed you while you were worshipping Him because the Bible says He’s looking for worshippers. Maybe be He had noticed you while you were praying, maybe He had noticed you when you were giving your offering. When He notices you, things can never be the same again, the Almighty has noticed someone and He is going to notice another one.

I’ve told you the story of when we were in the first auditorium and it was time to pray and I said everybody should be praying. So, I closed my eyes too because I need help from God. Suddenly, God said to me, “son, open your eyes.” I almost told him, “Lord, I’m praying”.  When I opened my eyes, he pointed at a woman in the crowd wet with tears, He said to me, “go and tell her weep not.” I went there, tapped her by the shoulder and I said to her, “my daddy asked me to tell you ‘weep not’.” Suddenly, her eyes brightened up. I didn’t know why she was weeping. I just did what God asked me to do. The following year, there was a group of people lined up before me and one by one I was attending to them. When it was the turn of this woman, she said, “sir, you don’t you remember me? I was the one who was weeping and your God told me to stop weeping.” She said for years I was barren and I came to that meeting with a threat from my in-law that if I don’t give their son a child within a year, they will kick me out of the house. She said that’s why she was weeping. I looked at her, I saw on her right hand she was carrying a baby and on the left she was carrying another baby.

May I prophesy to someone here today, stop weeping because God has noticed you.

If God is going to carry you on Eagles’ wings, it can only mean that He has heard your cry. When God hears your cry for help, He sends help. In Mark 10:46-52, Bartimaeus cried and God heard him. Several people tried to shut him up but he kept on crying until God heard him. I believe God is about to hear the prayer of somebody today, because when He hears you, He turns the tide. In 2 Kings 4:1-7, there was this widow who was destitute; the creditors had said if you don’t pay within 24 hours, we will sell your sons. She cried and God heard. By the end of the day, the creditors were put to shame. In Jeremiah 33:3, God says if you cry, I will answer you, I will show you great and mighty things. When God hears your prayer, He responds by showing you how mighty He is. He uses all His might to respond to you but unfortunately, it’s not every time people cry to Him that He hears, because He says you must call on the Lord while is near. Fortunately, He is near today and when you cry to Him today, He will respond.

Some of you remember the story of the man who was a cripple and his friends carried him here when we were in the old auditorium. The crowd was much and by the time they arrived, miracles were already happening around the altar and his friends dropped him at the back of the auditorium. They told him we’ve already brought you here, we can’t carry you through the crowd. They dropped him and he cried to God, “God I’m here, they dropped me here but I know you know I’m here”, and God heard and immediately spoke to me from the altar. God said, “there is someone there who said God you see me here. God asked me to tell you, “yes, I have seen you,” and immediately, the man’s legs straightened out and he was able to get up and he began to dance. When the program was over, his friends came to look for him where they dropped him, they couldn’t find him there. So, he tapped them from behind, are you looking for me? There is someone here today, by tomorrow morning, it’s not where they left you they will find you.

God told Moses I have seen, I have heard and I know, I know their sufferings. The Almighty God wants somebody to know today that He knows what you are passing through, He knows what your problems are, He knows what your burdens are, He knows the battles you are fighting that you cannot possibly win alone and whenever God knows what you’re going through, after noticing you, after hearing your cry, He intervenes.

In Mark 5:2-20, do you know that the mad man of Gadara didn’t pray when he saw Jesus coming before he could say anything? He saw Jesus, he fell at his feet, by the time he opened his mouth, the demons inside began to talk. They didn’t allow him to ask for help but Jesus knew what was going on and he intervened. Today, the God you have been serving since all these days, the God who knows the problems you can’t even share, is going to intervene. God knows when your case is beyond human help; in a situation like that, He pays you a visit.

In Genesis 18:1-14, God knew that as for Abraham and Sarah, their case had gone beyond human help. Though He was going somewhere else, He stopped in front of their tent to rectify their situation. God knows that there are some of us that our situation will defy even the faith of the pastor. Ezekiel 37:1-10, when God asked Ezekiel if the dry bones can live, the great man of God said only thou knows. He knows what you are passing through; and even if your problem is beyond what any pastor can handle, God will intervene today.

I told you of a story of a woman who was barren for several years. Her pastor had been praying and praying but one day the pastor said, “woman, what is your case because every other barren fellow I prayed for, they are already rejoicing with their children” and the woman said, “when I was a student, I became pregnant and I tried to abort and by the time I got to hospital to save my life, the doctor took out my womb”. The pastor said, “you mean you know you don’t have womb and you’ve been asking me to pray for you to be pregnant?” She said, “Pastor, you are the one who said with God nothing shall be impossible.” The pastor said, “I see, thank you”.

From that day onward, whenever the pastor sees her coming, he would dodge. One day the woman caught the pastor when he wanted to dodge her and she turned her face away from pastor to God. She cried unto God, “I’m coming to you directly now, not through the pastor, help me!” That night she had a dream. She was standing naked in the dream and a huge man came in through the door holding the skin of an animal. She was so frightened that she couldn’t move, the man got close to her and wound the skin of the animal around her waist and disappeared.  By the following day, she woke up already menstruating. The last time we heard from her, I think she already had five children. When your case is beyond any human assistance, the God who knows will send help, and help is coming in the way of somebody today.

God told Moses, “okay I’ve seen, I’ve heard, I know what is going on, I have come to deliver.” When God has noticed you and heard your cry, knows what you are going through, He brings deliverance and the Almighty God is bringing deliverance to someone today. Occasionally my children will say, “the one who says a proper ‘amen’, God will attend to the fellow.

The deliverance God brought to Israel was a violent one. In Exodus 12:1-36, before He could carry the children of Israel on eagles’ wings, he subdued their enemies. He gave them something that they cannot toil with. in Yorubaland when they want to say that your enemies are subdued, they say the fellow has been given something that he will worship, that is, the person has been given a problem so big he won’t have time for you. The Egyptians had to beg the children of Israel to please go or they are all dead.

God made a promise in Isaiah 49:24-26, He said even the lawful captive shall be set free, He said if those who have held you captive will not release you, He said He will give them their own flesh to eat, and give them their own blood to drink.

When God wants to deliver and the enemy is reluctant, He uses force. Some of you have probably heard this story; a man came here from Abeokuta with his wife, he said everything he ever tried to do never succeeds. He had discovered that his wife was a witch and she was the one stopping his progress so he brought her for deliverance. The woman was very angry and said, “don’t mind him, sir, it is his mother that is a witch not me”. She was very angry so I said, “please, don’t let us quarrel, I mean don’t mind your husband. Let’s do it this way, if you are not a witch, everything in your life will just keep on getting better, that’s my prayer. But if you are a witch, I’m going to bind the demon in you.” God had revealed to me that it was a snake inside her but you dare not say that because if she sues you, the snake will not appear on Xray. But she said she was not a witch. She said I should go ahead to do whatever. I prayed and by the time the husband brought her back, she was almost twice as big as she was. She was then ready for deliverance.

When God finally picks you up on eagles’ wings, He takes you to a point where you are beyond the reach of the enemy. After He picked up the children of Israel, He delivered them violently and the Egyptians tried to follow them; by the time we get to Exodus 14:1-28, Moses has spoken the mind of God to them, he said the enemies you have seen up till tonight, you will never see them again. When God picks you up on eagles’ wings, He takes you to a position so high that you are far, far beyond the touch of the enemy.

Again, a couple came to church at Ebute Metta and after some time we were seeing only the brother, the sister wasn’t coming and we followed up on the sister. We asked her why she was not coming to church but that her husband was happier coming by the day. She said since I started coming to your church, I can no longer fly at night. Can I decree to somebody here today, if there is any witch in your family, from today onward, she won’t fly again.

So, He sees, He hears, He knows, He delivers violently, He brings you to a level where enemies can’t touch you anymore, He causes you to reach your goals speedily. In Genesis 41:1-44, a slave who was a prisoner was carried by the eagles’ wings and in less than 24 hours, he got to the throne speedily. God can grab you from the very lowest point on earth and put you on the throne. In 1 Samuel 2:8, He says He can pick a beggar from the dunghill and cause him to begin to dine with kings. Maybe you are not 100% on the ground, maybe you are already great, it’s just that He knows that your joy is not full yet, He can grab you and move you from great, to complete so that your joy suddenly becomes full. A good example is the story of the Shunamite woman; she was already great but she was barren. In a single day, her bareness was taken care of and her joy became full.

When God carries you on eagles’ wings, He causes you to have sweatless success. You can succeed after a lot of struggles. God placed a curse on Adam, He said in the sweat of thy face shall you eat, but when God carries you on eagles’ wings, you succeed without sweating, you reach your goals effortlessly. Like I say, somebody who wants to go from Lagos to Ibadan and decides to trek will arrive, you can even ride a bicycle and you will arrive, but when God carries you, it’s like traveling in an aeroplane; you will arrive fresh, no sweat at all. I believe sincerely that as a result of what God will do in your life today, your colleagues will soon be coming to ask you how do you do it.

When the children of Israel were going to overcome their enemies by the Red Sea, Moses said to them, just stand still and see the salvation of the Lord. In 2 Chronicles 20:1-30, three kings came against Jehosaphat. Jehosaphat did not fight at all and he won because the enemies destroyed themselves. In 2 Kings 7:1-end, the man of God prophesied that within 24 hours, food will be so plenty and nobody will want to buy.

What God needs from you is faith, because when the eagle comes, he spreads his wings and says come on climb on me; how you react is important. The Bible says the Just shall live by faith. Another thing God will need from you is determination that from now on, for your own sake, you will live a life of holiness because the eagle that wants to carry you is the Holy one of Israel, He won’t allow any unclean thing to climb on Him. Are you ready? If you are, surrender your life to Jesus now!


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