There is nothing in life that does not have a starting point.

“On your mark” is a command from an umpire to the athlete; who is your umpire? Sometimes we act as umpires and sometimes as athletes. Our focus in this series is athletes. An athlete doesn’t give command to himself; he takes command from the umpire. Think of the projects and ideas yet to be implemented; the delay might be because you lack an umpire or you are yet to identify your umpire.

Anyone can say “on your mark” on the field, but the valid one is the one said by the approved umpire. You don’t need just anyone if you don’t want to end up getting just anything. You need a coach, and you need an umpire.

The command ‘on your mark’ is never a whispering one; it’s always loud enough for the athletes. Sometimes some issues appear so straight forward that we don’t want to believe it. People often believe in whispering than audible voices.

Remember Naaman in The Holy Bible who was asked to dip himself in Jordan but it was too ‘loud’ for him to do… why not try that simple idea, why not humble yourself and pay attention to the audible command.

On your mark also reveals that you have a mark/lane to yourself. No matter how smart you are, if you don’t start on your own mark/lane, you might be disqualified.

When you hear on your mark, it’s a time of serious business. It’s not a time to start dressing up, looking for water or practicing for the race. It’s the commencement of reality, it’s the beginning of responsible living, as nobody will struggle with you or assist you on your mark/lane.

Friend, if you really want to get to the top, you must:

a. Recognize your umpire and obey his instructions.

b. Identify your mark/lane.

c. Shun other commands except the one from your umpire.

d. Play by the rules.

See you at the top!

Pastor Malachi Timothy

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