Christianity and Islam
Christianity and Islam

In the mist of the chaos the world found itself at the moment, peace is the only panacea. Yet it is elusive. There is however, a school of thought that believes that this elusive peace lies between two religions – Christianity and Islam. There are also those whose belief stems from the former school of thought that for the world to experience peace, the middle-east must first of all be peaceful. Not only does the two religions originated from the middle-east, they both share the same patriarch – Abraham.

According to Genesis 21, Abraham in spite the covenant God had with him allowed pressure from his wife, Sarah, got the best of him. He later had a son, Ishmael, through Haggai, Sarah’s servant, prior to the coming of the promised child that Sarah born. While Christians believe that Israel, the covenant nation and the root of Christ the Lord was through the lineage of Isaac, the promised child, Muslims hold the believe that Ishmael was the true lineage of the Muslims but agreed that Abraham whom they refer to as Ibrahim was the father of Ishmael.

Just as God commanded the Children of Israel to serve only Him and no other god, both Christianity and Islam subscribe to monotheism. Islamic doctrines forbid serving any other god expect the almighty God, so also does Christianity is against worshiping of idols. Exodus 20: 3-6.

Furthermore, the two religions make references to the early models and prophets of old. The likes of Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon, John the Baptist and Jesus, amongst others were all mentioned in both Holy books. Due to differences in language, the Holy Quran has different names for them but refers to the same persons. Christians and Muslims also believe that God speaks to man through prophets and those that are He has divinely ordained for such purposes, II Chronicles 20:20.

On the social aspect, the two monotheistic religions share similar believe on societal issues. For instance, these religions believe that family is fundamental to human life and place concrete emphasis on family life and the need for man and woman to have conjugal union that is according to the tenants of the Holy books. While there is today, the call for drastic reduction in the consumption of alcohol across the globe, the two religions warn about the danger of taking alcoholic drinks, and the consumption of certain substances that may be injurious to the health of human being. Further, cigarette smoking is totally against the tenets of the religions.

On dressing and fashion, Muslims and Christians alike are encouraged by the Holy books to place high regards and premium on their body. The Bible describes the human body as the

temple of God, I Corinthians 6:19. Therefore clothes that expose vital parts of the body are frowned at. More also Christians and Muslims are expected to be role models in moral standards and as it is expected, their appearances must speak highly of them in that regard.

While there have been debates around the person of Jesus Christ, the two religions believe in the person of the Christ. The Christians describe and adore him as the Lord and Saviour while the Muslims honour him as a Holy prophet. Also, they both believe that his birth was unique and miraculous and also that He would be returning to the world for a second time.

Some other religions may believe in incarnation, death as the end of human existence, Christianity and Islam teach that death is the end of the earthly sojourn of every human and the beginning of a journey to life eternity. They both agree that the earthly sojourn of humans would determine their place in the afterlife. Those that live according to the dictate of God would be welcome to eternal life of bliss while those whose life contradicts God’s commandment would be sent to a place of eternal torment.

Furthermore, they agreed that there is judgment after death, and also the existence of Satan who would at the end of this world would be send to the place of eternal torment.

it is in the nature of man to differ, nurse and share varieties of ideas and beliefs but for the purpose of human existence, the fact that the two religions preach peace there is therefore the need for both Christians and Muslims to work towards achieving a peaceful world (Heb.12:14) rather than focus on the contest of religious superiority.


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