Pastor Femi Emmanuel

The Presiding Pastor of the Living Chapel, Ibadan, Pastor Femi Emmanuel has called on the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) not to fall victims of deception in respect of the proposed constitution review by the National Assembly, insisting that it is a journey of time wasting.

Recall that The House of Representatives recently inaugurated a Committee in the house headed by Deputy Speaker Benjamin Kalu to review the 1999 constitution for possible amendments and alterations

The former deputy speaker of the Oyo House of Assembly in a statement made available to The Beautiful Day, said instead the call for review it should be a constitutional return to era where true federalism was being practiced.

In his words “Our call should be to return Nigeria to the pre-independence constitutional arrangements which are true federalism. Anything short of that is merely postponing the evil days and prolonging Nigerians sufferings.”

The clergyman opines that politicians are using the current constitution for fraudulent purposes and those benefitting from it have no intention of stopping anytime soon. He added that the northern regions have a robust majority which is part of the established fraud of 1999 constitution.

In his statement “The present constitution is a fraud. You cannot amend a lie. Those benefiting from the present fraud want it to continue i.e., the political elites, National Assembly members and those in power.

“North East, North West and North Central have overwhelming majority (part of the established fraud of 1999 constitution) minority will have their say as usual and they (the majority) will have their way.”

Pastor Emmanuel proposed that religious bodies should join other patriots to build a renegotiated Nigeria where the six regions in the country will have freedom to govern themselves using their own constitution. He noted that it is not God’s plan for us to operate as one nation.

“Let’s join other patriots to call for a renegotiated Nigeria with six regional autonomous governments each operating separate constitution to govern their regions, generate and manage the economy, have their regional or state police and run their lives according to their traditions, cultures, values and beliefs.

 “God never meant us to be one nation. The colonial masters met us as different people, different nations. We can negotiate to be one country but not one nation,” he added.

The dynamic man of God mentioned that the current economic woes, insecurity and insurgency the country is experiencing can only be restored if we return to who we were originally.

“Our economy, insecurity, killings and all other woes that have befallen us can only be solved by returning to who we are originally and who God created us to be from the beginning.”

To buttress his point, Emmanuel cited United States of America as a good example of different nations who agreed to stay as one country.

“A good example is the United States of America. Different laws, different police system, different economic activities but one strong country at the centre.”


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