Pastor J. 'T Kalejaiye

Pastor Johnson Oluwatomisin Kalejaiye, popularly known as J. T.  Kalejaiye, is one of the most celebrated pastors in the Redeemed Christian Church of God. He is currently the Intercontinental Overseer (Evangelism) in the mission and his contribution to the propagation of the gospel of Christ under the mission of the RCCG, is unquantifiable.

Judging by the trends in today’s world where pastors pull out of their mother mission to start their own, Kalejaiye, in spite his blossoming ministry in the RCCG, remains a member and submits himself to the authority of Pastor E. A. Adeboye, the General Overseer of the mission.

Kalejaiye, who is not only a flourishing pastor, but also blessed in material wealth, is from a very humble background. According to the celebrated pastor, he grew up without a father. “I hawked fufu for my mum at the age of six. I sold soda. I caught fish. Apostle Peter and I come from the same local government, Ilaje. But I never stayed there.

“I stayed in Lagos. The journey was rough, but God didn’t allow my background to put me on the ground. But it’s the grace of God because I never saw myself here. I was told that right from my mother’s womb, a prophecy came that this one will be used all over the world by God. So, every other thing that happened came as a result of the prophecy. It wasn’t as if I was born into a wealthy family. But with Christ, I thank God for that grace. So, Christ is everything.”

Pastor Kalejaiye is a trained Accountant who studied Accountancy and Public Finance. He was a staff of the West African Examination Council (WAEC) in Lagos State when he accidentally joined the RCCG. According to him, he had a challenge in his place of work and he needed spiritual intervention, so he went to the RCCG,

“They told a lie against me; so I went to church. Not that I wanted to surrender my life, but because I wanted the pastor to pray for me. Daddy G.O. was the one ministering. It was a Thursday. He made an altar call. And as we were about to kneel down on the altar, he said the Lord told him that all our problems were solved. I was shocked because he had not even listened to my problem. Lo and behold, I got to the office on Monday and then my boss recommended me that what he said was false and that gave me back my job.”

His ministry started as counselling and a platform for settling quarrels among parties. Due to the manner God uses him to mend bridges in relationships, it morphed into a morning programme that was called Anointing Service.

The Anointing Service that started in Abule Odu in Egbeda, later extended to Ikoyi, Surulere and Lekki, all in Lagos state. Due to the spiritual impact of the programme, similar services extended to the United States and the United Kingdom. “In USA, we hold similar services in 14 states and, in the UK, we have it in every place. So, I minister every day, sometimes twice, sometimes thrice, sometimes four to five times. In fact, there was a time I ministered six times.’

Kalejaiye is a Doctorate Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Commerce of Nigeria (CICN) and also a Fellow of the Institute of Credit Management of Nigeria.


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