Pastor Wale Adeduro

The lady prayed fervently with my wife and I. While she was with me, she put a call through to her husband. She told him I was sick with kidney failure. The man prayed for me on the telephone.

To my surprise, she did not make any personal request for prayers or counselling. When she was leaving, I gave her a bill of a hundred dollars. She declined accepting it. I pleaded with her to accept it as a seed from my heart to unlock my healing and sustenance. She reluctantly accepted my seed and prayed again for my total recovery. As a child of God, I have learnt to sow my financial seeds in difficult circumstances. Such seeds are received by God as a covenant sacrifice for total recovery according to Psalm 50:5.

A few minutes after she left, she called me and requested that I send my bank account details to her husband urgently. I did not oblige her request. A few hours after her departure, her husband called me directly. He pleaded with me to send my bank account details to him. My wife and Mrs. Ateniola counselled me to oblige him. They believed that God sent the couple.
A few minutes after I sent my bank details to the man, I received a credit alert. I was very grateful to God. I joyfully announced to my wife and Mrs. Ateniola that the couple had sent the sum of two N250, 000 (Two hundred and fifty thousand naira) to me. The three of us thanked God and prayed for the couple. About thirty minutes later, I picked my telephone to look at the receipt again. I was confused about what I saw. I beckoned my wife to double check the receipt with me. Alas! The man actually transferred the sum of N2, 500,000 (Two million and five hundred thousand naira). Hallelujah!!!

In spite of the fact that I knew that the couple was about to send a monetary gift to me, I wasn’t expecting such a huge sum. I didn’t think I have done anything for them to qualify to receive even twenty-five thousand naira from them unsolicited. I called him and his wife to express my gratitude.

I was pleasantly surprised that God could instruct a couple with whom I had not interacted for about a decade to help me, I vividly understood the story of God instructing Elijah to visit the widow of Zarephath in the seventeenth chapter of 1 Kings in the Bible. God has a way of coming through for His children at crunch time. That lady was a visitor of joy. May you receive a visitor of joy from God when you need divine visitation in the name of Jesus.

At that point, I realised that when God puts you in the mind of somebody, they will go thousands of miles to get His will for your life done. Also, the kind of connections you make with the people you meet, the way you’ve touched their lives and your impact in their lives, is the legacy you leave behind.

This was a man l had not seen for years. All of a Sudden, they were giving me such huge unsolicited amount. I was overawed that God could care so much about me including raising great people to meet my critical needs.

There was someone else who showed up from my past to be a source of financial blessing to me in an amazing manner.

The greatest of the wonders is that DeVine Hospital Limited has treated me for two straight years without charging me any amount. This is not an ordinary gesture. I say this because within the last two years, I spent more than thirty cumulative days on admission or overnight observations in that hospital. The cost of admission for a month in a hospital of that magnitude, with a fully equipped Intensive Care Unit, is better imagined. May God enlarge the coast of Dr. Dapo Morawo and DeVine Hospital Limited.

There are other great people who despite the largeness of their heart and generosity towards me, would not like to be mentioned in any way. They prefer to be known by God alone. God shall reward all of these compassionate people with divine abundance.

A lot of people also stretched their helping hands towards me: my family, acquaintances, business partners, even the church. Lots of people also allowed God to prove how sufficient His sustenance for me was. I also remain indebted to the battalion of people positioned in different parts of the world who prayed ceaselessly for my recovery.

As I write this chapter, I am still humbled that great people like those referred to here, value my life so much. I really did not do anything to deserve the show of love they extended to me. They simply responded to God’s nudging to save a dying soul

I am fully persuaded that there is no extent that the Lord would not go once He makes up His mind to sustain you.

Despite the above positive energies I received, I felt isolated and abandoned in some way. I heard words of condemnation from people I never expected it from. These were people who claimed to be entrenched in Christ and were devout Christians. Whispers of how I claimed to be such a big man of God but I got afflicted with kidney problems got back to my wife and I.

Someone even said I performed deliverances for people, why couldn’t I “deliver myself from this sickness.” This fellow must certainly belong to the generation of those who crucified our Lord Jesus Christ. To the glory of God, rather than get angry, I pitied the shallowness of such Christians. I was not in any way bothered by their unkind cuts. They did not cut deep enough to penetrate my heart.

If I had allowed myself to be eaten up by those unkind words, I would have been very depressed to the point of just wanting to end it all. I thank God for ministering peace to me in the midst of crisis. Although my body was frail, my spirit was strengthened daily by God. God’s grace and sustenance were sufficient for me.

This is a call to all who claim to be lovers of Christ and devout Christians. Let us learn to be empathetic to those who are laying on sick bed. It is not their choice to be there and if they could help it, they wouldn’t want to be sick.

Sick people go through much pain. It is ungodly to add to their pain through careless talks. Support the sick with prayers and encouraging words rather than prophesying death or other unpalatable realities into their lives.


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