The Christian family values are strong beliefs, morals and cultures guiding each member of a Christian family which are upheld and serve as guiding principles in their daily affairs. These values may differ from family to family and its recognized by them. It shapes the perception and general conduct of every individual in that family and directs them on how to behave.

These values are patterned towards the nature of Christ to ensure sanctity and obedience to God’s word in order to retain God’s presence and identity in the home. Parents who desire to raise godly off springs indoctrinate these values in their homes.

In recent times, the Christian family values is seen to have been given less attention to in church gatherings; caring for the family and its wellbeing is seen to be almost fading out in worship centres and this is the identity and foundation of growth in individuals of societies at large.

Though parenting and family building can be overwhelming, it is eternally rewarding and profitable. God created family so we can find happiness, learn in a loving atmosphere and prepare for eternal life together. God gave us families to be committed to their upkeep and total wellbeing and so we must ensure to keep up to the spiritual assignment in the life of the family as a whole.

Marriage is sacred and instituted by God to bring glory to His name and showcase the love of Christ for humanity, serving as public and private good. Children are blessings and heritage from God for raising, shaping and preparing them for a life of service to His kingdom and to humanity.

Christian parents, rather than only putting up a corrective posture when instructions are violated, should raise up children in the fear and knowledge of God enshrined in the values upheld in the family. This should include the foundational truth of faith in loving the Lord God above everything else, to loving your neighbour as yourself, to being humble and contrite in spirit, etc.

Prayerfully identify these values with your spouse in line with Gods intention for your family and these values will become truth that do not change over time. Identify and use language that will reflect these values both within and outside the home. Point them out to your children at every possible time; for example, putting others first, serving others, etc. Let their actions within and outside the home match their spiritual words.

Families must understand that their present welfare and future destiny lies in Christ alone, hence, to continually live a life that is filled with joy. Home should be a retreat where the hurting can find comfort, rest and healing. Every Christian home should be marked by grace; a place where spiritual disciplines are practiced and based on God’s purpose for every member of the family. As the Apostle Paul wrote, “God is not the author of confusion but of peace,” hence, a Christian home should be orderly.

In promoting your family values, you must ensure that there is no form of division but respect, trust, sharing and care. Every member of the family, including children, should not be ignored but involved. Discuss certain issues together rather than dictate for them. Things that seem inappropriate for your family wellbeing should be removed, including bad movies, pictures, games and songs. Live an exemplary life for your children to follow so as to depict Christ from your household to the world at large. We should practice charity in the world around us as an act of social justice, compassion and love.

Church service hours should be upheld. Practice honesty, work and learn with integrity by trying your best even when it may feel challenging to do so; whether you win or lose, do so graciously. Demonstrate respect, treat others right, obey instructions, show forgiveness; even though others may not always act in a way we agree with, we can make an effort to forgive them. These values should be clearly imprinted in the hearts of members of the family.

In conclusion, to promote Christian family values, we must rest on Christ Jesus as the firm foundation and the bedrock of the family unit in ensuring that the purpose of God is manifest and that His name is glorified wherever we find ourselves.


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