Dcns Evelyn Endurance

I have been believing God for a life partner. As I prayed, it was like it wouldn’t happen. But God being so kind to me, last two years convention when I came to the Camp for my ordination, I followed my Pastor to enter Daddy G.O’s office and when I entered there, I saw a box, I asked the security man if I can sow a seed here to Daddy G.O, and he said yes. Then I tore a sheet of paper and told God this seed is a contribution to the building of the new auditorium and through this seed God settle me; I’m tired of being single.

After the convention, we left on Sunday. The following Wednesday morning when I was doing my business, I met my husband and within 6 months of marriage counselling, we wedded. I did my traditional marriage, my court wedding and my white wedding on April last year (2022). I say let God who did it take all the glory in Jesus Name.

Dcns Evelyn Endurance (RCCG Delta Province 15)


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