Pastor Ola Adejubee

By Abimbola Ologun

In a way to address prevailing economic crisis in the country, Pastor in Charge of Region 46 of the Redeemed Christian Church Of God, Pastor Ola Adejubee has called on Churches to create empowerment programmes for financially independence of its members.

Adejbee, who is also the Assistant to Continental Overseer, Training and Development (African Continent 2) recently spoke exclusively with The Beautiful Day Testimonial where he stated that feeding members of the church is just peripheral that the real good deed lies in empowerment.

In his words ”The church should create empowerment so that people can catch their own fish rather than being fed with fishes. I am a trainer and I love to empower people.”

He stressed the need for churches to invest in digital technology noting that there are some skills which are universal that one can learn. According to him, embedding oneself with digital skills can enable one to earn money from the comfort of one’s home.

”Many people don’t know there are skills that can be learnt that could enable them earn money from home without having to transport themselves. There are many youngsters earning more than ₦500,000 and they are staying in their house with their laptops. There are many such skills, such skills are universal, skills that you can be working for a company in UAE (Europe).”

Pastor Adejubee, a former Chairman of Pentecostal Fellowship in Nigeria (Ekiti Branch) stressed that individuals must learn to be productive and not leave everything to church. He noted that individuals must learn to add value to the society adding that Isaac was productive in the land of Gerar.

“The city of Gerar where Isaac the son of Abraham dwelled was made of several things. It was Isaac that was providing the services according to Genesis 26. He was into farming, water production and animal husbandry that he became so wealthy that the whole nation envied him why? Productivity.”

He also emphasizes on the need for students at all secondary school level to be sensitized on financial literacy so that they can learn to be productive at a tender age.

”Take financial literacy to schools so that the eyes of the children will be opened to how to earn money from secondary school with skills. Let them know how to contribute, and not to collect. That is the way to go now.”

The erudite author opines that there is a need for churches to enlighten people on financial literacy stating that light shines in the thickest darkness.

”There is need to teach people how to get out of poverty of the mind. Funny enough do you realize that it is in thick darkness that the smallest of light tend to have maximum impart. It is when there is economic downturn you can generally proffer solutions and make quick money.

The certified leadership expert also stated people earning salaries should create a ”Progressive Saving Agenda” and delayed gratification for sustainability.

”If someone earns close to ₦400,000 (Four Hundred Thousand) in a month that should not be the final bus-stop. You create what is called progressive saving Agenda and delayed gratification because there are so many things needed in this society.”

He however encouraged that Universities of Agriculture should expand their horizon and start developing the product of their research.

“Universities of Agriculture should begin to look outside the box. We are not expanding our mind, we are not developing the product of our research.

“Can you imagine some of our Universities of Agriculture investing and developing plantain bread and begin to eat plantain bread on campuses, and begin to produce for their towns?  We don’t have to eat wheat bread, it is not compulsory,” Adejubee asserted.


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