Pastor Idowu Iluyomade

Psalm 90:12 is the oldest Psalms in the Bible. It says, teach us how to numbers of days and not our years. Yet, what most us celebrate is our years. For example, we are here to celebrate 75 years. There seems to be an issue there, to just to number our days and yet we celebrate 75 years. I think God is telling us through that scripture that life is brief and we should not aimlessly rush through it. So today we are gather here to give thanks and glory to God and to celebrate not just 75 years but 27,393 days of God mercies. His unmerited favour; His faithfulness, loving kindness, protection, provision and guardians.

So people might say why days and not years? The answer is not far-fetched. God is saying numbered your days, celebrate days because He is the ancient of days, He daily loads us with benefit, He gives us our daily bread he said I will fulfill the numbers of your days even his mercies are given to us on a daily basis. He is a God that adds to His church everyday. So, I think God is telling us, that we need to think about this very deeply. If we are asked to count 1 to 75 it’s so easy, even the grandchildren can do that, but when you tell me to count 27,393 days that becomes a bigger deal.

Pastor (Mrs.) Foluke Adeboye

When you begin to count on this, then you begin to appreciate the faithfulness of God, the mercies of God in watching over you and been your Ebenezer and help for over 27,000 days.

People of God, I will think about days. A lot can happen in one day, Job lost all his 10 children in one day, in one day he lost all is wealth, possession, honour, his servants are no longer bow down to him, he lost his mobility, and he lost his place and position in council all in one day. All this happens in sequence day after day. I remember the sun smite by day, the arrow fly by night there is destruction that waste at noonday, yet in spite of all this God has kept mummy for 27, 393 days.

Let’s look at another dimension. An old statistics says 56 million people die every year, every month 4.6 million, every day 153 thousand, every hour 6,000, every minute 107, every second 2 people die. Yet we are here to celebrate 27,393 days.

Let’s look at it this way. Mummy your heart beats 4,800 times in 1 hour if the heart stops beating for 20 seconds one become subconscious and dies.  Every year your heart beats 42,000 time. Today 27, 393 days, your heart has continuously beaten for 3.1 billion times. it did not stop one seconds, you still look beautiful as before, that is why your husband calls you girlfriend, you bring back sweet memories.

Mummy we celebrate you today.

And we need to hear this, that if God has taken any one of us, He will still be a God of faithfulness without injustice good and perfect are his ways. unquestionable is the one that looks at Jesus Christ, he said you, you are innocent go and die for those who are sinners, he is a sovereign God he said I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy on, I will have compassion on whosever I choose, no one can question him.

In spite of ups and downs of life and all the issues of life God has kept you by his mercies for 27, 393 days that we can still gather like this, to celebrate with family and friends, bring thanks and praise, I think God is worthy of all praise and adoration. No wonder the psalmist says, in Psalm 89:1, I will sing of the mercies of the Lord forever, I will sing of the mercies of the Lord: with my mouth will I make know His faithfulness to all generations.

Second point, the Bible says in 1 Thessalonians 5:18, in everything, in all circumstances no matter what happens be cheerful and give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concern you. And in Psalm 34: 1, it says I will bless the Lord at all times. His praise shall continually be in my mouth; that is why we are gather here today to thank God.

The third point, when one is celebrating birthday, you don’t just start throwing party and making merriment, the first thing you need to do, after your morning prayers and reflections is to look back. The celebration of your birthday supposed to be a day of deep and super reflections of how far God has brought you. You see, is only when you reflect and look back and remember the days of little beginnings on the past graces and the mercies of God that you can really evaluate and thank him for what he has taken you through, for where you are today and where he is taking you to.

Thank God for all the testimonies, but God is asking you and all of us to look back? So, mummy when you look back what did you see, I’m sure you see the mercies and the faithfulness of God. Starting from the salvation of your soul, no one can turn to God unless God draws you, we could not take it for granted that God saved you, and how he connected you with daddy. You gave daddy a birthday gift of a Bible and two white handkerchiefs and that made him to make up his mind that ‘this the woman I’m going to spend the rest of my life with.’

I know when your father of blessed memory silenced all those who ignorantly, due to your pedigree opposed your marriage to our father in the Lord because of his humble beginnings; a man who had no car, no house, walk bear footed for the first 18 years of his life, the only that he had then was an incurable optimism. Obviously, this not a picture of a night in shining light. But looking back today, just see what the Lord has done. 

When you look back and tell story, I’m sure you know you have seen that you have sacrificed a lot, there was time you left your paid Job in Ilorin to follow a man who said God has called him, not only the city Lagos but to bush, the wilderness that God promised him, that he was going to building a city for him, and you followed him, but today see what the Lord has done.

I know those days life was tough financially; you didn’t earn salary for 12 years after starting the Christ Redeemer’s nursery and primary school, both of you are paying salaries of pastors and workers from the little money that remains in your hand. But somehow the mercy the grace and the faithfulness of God took you through, that is why you are celebrating today.

You told me just last week, that for 3 years there was no electricity on this camp ground, you were walking around with lanterns, navigating your ways on the camp ground that was fill with armed-robbers, serpents and demons. I remembered daddy told us the story of when he was walking at night that he saw a tree, there was fire on the tree but in the morning the leaf are green. So, if there were demons here, many of us would have run away, but you stood your ground because of your love for God and vision for the work of God, and for your love for your sweetheart and your children, that is why today we are celebrating.

When you look back you see a woman of great resilience who in spite of tough and difficult circumcises and spiritual attacks you stood your grounds, fasted and praying with daddy. I remember a time I came to you 16 years ago, it was a tough time for us in ministry and you shared a story with me that you have a dream that some evil men attacked you in the dream, that they used a cutlass on you in the dream and you showed me that when you woke up the mark of the cutlass was there. I’m sure if one of our wives is in that camp and that happened to them, they would have gone back to the city, yet you stood your ground, that is why we are celebrating you today.

I remember that the only weakness that you have from daddy testimony is that you are a generous person beyond measure. Mummy I’m sure you remember the day when there was only one tuber of yam in the family and you gave it away. When our daddy was trying to caution your answer to him was that, my darling you and I know how to fast but this one doesn’t know how to fast.

People of God, because God is on your side before the end of that day, somebody bought six tubers of yam for you.

God has been faithful when you look back, you see the woman with the heart of gold whose life is profitable to God, an impeccable role model, harden missionary in kingdom and heavenly perspective and focus. You have heard today of the Redeemer’s school ministry which have over 260 schools. We hear of the habitation of hope which you built for street boys and orphans. We hear of the Wholistic ministry which is a home you built for women coming out from prostitution, CADAM, fight against drugs abuse. You facilitated buildings and sponsors vocational skills. What about Africa Missions currently having 11 chapters spread across Europe, Canada, USA, and Nigeria. The mandate is dedicated on one of the most compelling scriptures that we all have, which is Matthew 25. it talks about taking care of the poor, the hungry, the tasty, the naked, the homeless, the sick and in today Open Heavens devotional, daddy refers back to the scripture as one of the conditions of making heaven, you connected to that and all throughout your work we can see fulfillment of Matthew 25 even in your life.

Today, to the glory of God, the CSR arms of the mission following your foot steps and within the last 4 years has been able to complete in Nigeria alone 1.5 million projects and we have spent 50 billion naira.

Looking back, you see a woman who is a power behind her home, so loved by her husband. Daddy says, you can slap me, lie against me, it’s doesn’t border him but, if you touch my wife, you will see the other side of me.

If you look back, you will see the mercy, protection, provision of God, through the ages, how God used you and your husband as living legends to grow a church from 39 parishes in 1981, to a global phenomenal that has in Nigeria alone 56,000 parishes, not to talk of the whole world. Today we can boast of RCCG in 198 nations of the world and Jesus says the church may endures till he comes.

Looking back, we need to remember that it is not only human beings that look back, even animals look back. If you have been to a bull fight, when a bull wants to fight, and the matador dresses in red is taunting the bull. The bull don’t just charge forward. One he goes back, what does it mean? It thinks about the past fights and accompany victories. He remembered all those stories of the testimonies and the victories God has won for him. And the matador thinks the bull is coming forward in a split seconds the bull will just charge forward and because he has thanked God it has remembered the past victories, and mercies, instantly you will see the matador flying in above. That is the same principle that David implored in 1 Samuel 17:37.  The Bible says that before he went forth to fight the Goliath, he looked back and remembered God’s faithfulness, God’s mercies, that there was a time of a bear, there was a time of the Lion, then I know God never changes if God has kept me thus far, if God has showed me His faithfulness, that same God will not abandon me. With that principle was able to face the challenges that were in front of him.

So, people of God, when you look back what did you see? The rich fool in Luke 12:17-19, saw his achievement, houses, possessions, children, and exploits he did not give glory to God, he did not acknowledge God as his source. He boasted in his achievement forgetting that, the Bible says in Romans 9:16 (it is not of him that willeth, nor of him that runneth, but of God that showeth mercy) not you, look back and you will see God as your source.

Hebrew 13 8: says Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever. So, mummy as you reflect on God’s mercies, goodness, and faithfulness in the past it gives us confidence and he taught us that the same God who has been faithful to you, will not leave you, He will stand by you and see you through in Jesus mighty Name.

The Bible says, say it to the righteous it shall be well with you.  My charge to you, Mummy, is found in Ephesians 5:15-16, which says: Therefore, see that you walk careful, living life with honour, purpose and courage showing those who tolerate but eschew evil, not as unwise but as wise, sensible, intelligent, making the very most of your time on earth, recognizing and taking advantage of any opportunity and using it with wisdom and diligence because the days are evil.

Mummy, our prayer is that, as you have celebrated today, your life and your darling husband, and your plan will continue profitable even unto God and God who has been your main stay will be with you even to the very end in Jesus mighty name. Better days are ahead of you.


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