RECTEM,Rector, Dr Stella Mofunanya

By Olusegun Obisanya

The Rector RECTEM, Dr Stella Mofunanya has reiterated the undisputed role of leadership at every strata of society, beginning from home, organisation both private and public and education sector. She averred that leaders drive development, gives direction and encourage innovation.

Mofunanya stated this when she delivered a lecture titled, “Leadership and service: Need for creativity, innovation and excellence” at the one year anniversary of the Rector, Yabatech, Dr (Engr) Ibraheem Abdul.

RECTEM Rector maintained that effective leadership is key to driving innovation because they set the visions, provide guidance, allocate and release resources for innovative initiatives.

She said, “Effective leaders empower employees through capacity building, and reward systems. These encourage other members of the team to concentrate and increase efforts towards innovation.”

According to her, it is not enough for a leader to be creative, he must inspire his subordinates to be creative too.

The Executive Secretary of the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE), Prof Idris Bugaje has disclosed that nations around the world are being developed by skills people acquired and not the degrees alone.

Represented by the Director of the Southwest zonal office of the National Board for Technical Education, elder Ayo Aroge, the NBTE executive secretary asked students to, in addition to their degrees, obtained skills.

Bugaje said, “Now, what he has asked me to say is that skills, skills, and skills and not the degree. What do I mean by that? It is what you can use your hands to do, and use your brain to interpret that is what can develop a nation. And so, Yabatech is the support of this team.

“And he is always very, very interested in the affairs of Yabatech. When you hear Professor Bugaje talking, you will see directly or indirectly the interest of skill, skill and skill. And as if the two of them have come from the same womb. The Rector is always preaching skill, skill and skill. And that is why the NBTE is always in support of any activity that is being carried out at Yabatech.”

The keynote speaker, the first indigenous Rector, Yabatech, Pa George Okufi commended the celebrant for what he’s been able to achieve within his 365 days in office.

“And there are no Olympic medals for luck. You have to work hard. Your rector has worked hard, that is why he is being given an Olympic medal. The position of readiness that Yaba College of Technology enjoys today was created and maintained by efficient people who have made a good example of what it is to lead,” Okufi said.

The Rector, Yaba College of Technology, Dr Ibraheem Abdul disclosed that the focus of this administration is consolidating the past and shaping the future. He also laid bare his administration’s plans to focus on infrastructure, capacity building, staff welfare and industry collaboration.

Abdul said, “Let me just mention that our stewardship is couched in an acronym that we refer to as ERECT. That is what we stood by and that is what we are going to stand by, going forward.

“We are building capacities in new and emerging areas. We are creating opportunities for additional income: an interest free loans. We have even gotten the mandate of the management to increase.

“When I came in, the interest free loan was 10 million Naira. We increased it to 40 million Naira. And the management has even gracefully approved that it should be increased to 80 million Naira.”


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