ChinyereDistinguished Chimezie
ChinyereDistinguished Chimezie

By ChinyereDistinguished Chimezie

Dear YOU,

I know you probably feel a financial pinch. 

With the daily increasing inflation rates, prices of things jumping off the roof, and your basic income(s) barely paying your bills, no one will blame you for being tempted to subscribe to the numerous loan apps and platforms literally begging you to borrow from them.

But let me be your sixth sense. Please, don’t succumb to that temptation.

No matter how harmless it appears, borrowing largely deepens your poverty and misery.

Especially if you’re borrowing for consumption. I.e. to meet basic needs like food, clothing, rent, transportation, birthday celebration, etc.

Of course, there may be times when borrowing to solve a need is inevitable. I’ve been there. More than once. And currently still paying off some debts.

So believe me when I tell you to flee from the option of borrowing.

And when you must, have a failure-proof repayment plan before you even borrow. Then stick to it.

Never make borrowing an option, talk more a habit.

Infact, decide early and now that borrowing is not an option for you. This mindset will push you to think of other legitimate ways to raise the required funds.

Apostle Joshua Selman would often say, “Whatever money can buy, relationships can pay for it. If you buy everything with money, you are not wise.”

This is why we must be intentional and strategic in building quality relationships for every area of our lives.

This is why we must also be people of value;  not going into any relationship for selfish reasons or with parasitic motives.

This is why we must also be discerning of people and their roles in our lives.

As an entrepreneur, business owner, freelancer, student or career professional, there may be times when you genuinely need money above your account to fund a project or an investment that’ll bring in even more returns than the money you seek to borrow. 

For me, this is one of the few times or reasons to borrow, after you have done due diligence and risk analysis to ascertain that the money will indeed come back with returns, without stories.

Otherwise, resist that urge to borrow. Especially when it is to meet a basic need. 

By and by, you’ll get by and you’ll be fine. 

Your quality relationships are for the dry and the rainy days. 

This is why you must truly be a friend indeed, so that in your days of need, you’ll have family, friends, colleagues, neighbours and strangers who’ll stand by and with you till you’re out of the well.

Love and Wisdom,



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