A/P (Mrs.) Otuawe Moro

Recently, after the Holy Ghost service, I boarded a commercial shuttle, an 18-seater bus down to the old auditorium. On our way, those at the front started shouting ‘fire, fire’, that the bus was on fire. So, a group of ushers saw us and ran after the bus. I was one of those that were rescued through the windows; for others, they managed to open the door of the bus and they were all saved. However, because of the pull, my right leg was affected that I could barely walk. I remembered the mantle then I placed it on my leg this morning and I said, “Father, please if you can just heal me, I won’t change my mind, I will come out to testify.” To the glory of God, I can lift up my legs. Praise the Lord!

A/P Mrs. Otuawe Moro


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