The Blood of Jesus
The Blood of Jesus

While they were still looking at me, I remembered the word of God that I received when the accident happened. “Your sins are forgiven… Blessed is the man whose sins are forgiven.” I smiled, realizing that there is a difference between orthodox medicine and divine healing. While it took so many X-rays for the kind-hearted doctors in Calabar to suspect that there was an imminent paralysis, Doctor Jesus had prophesied my expected end of walking. A man who is blessed by Jehovah Rapha cannot be paralysed. A man who is blessed cannot live on a wheel chair. 

“Can I get a bottle of wine?” I asked to the shock of everyone around.

They must have wondered whether I wanted to celebrate the “imminent paralysis” as a doctor called it in National Hospital, Abuja.

“Okay, can I get Berry Blast?” I asked when I was told that there was no wine. I was ready to celebrate Jesus. I remembered that God taught us the power in Holy Communion when my church organized a programme prophetically tagged “LAST CARD: THE BLOOD BATTLE.” It was time to put God’s word into action.

I administered the Holy Communion to myself.

I remembered that the enemies could not break the bone of Jesus after He took the last supper. Incidentally, I was doing this in the evening. Friends, what you remember about the words and works of God is what will nullify the report of the world about you and your situation. After the Holy Communion, I slept off. When we got to the National Hospital in Abuja, everyone who saw me was worried to say the least. On one of those mornings, I was exasperated sitting in the wheel chair in a lonely room. The team of medical doctors were holding a meeting about my case. They were arranging how I would be moved to Germany.

“Why are they treating me as if I am an unfortunate man?” I muttered to myself.

I felt a holy anger in me. On that anger, I staggered out of the wheelchair. With hands akimbo, I felt triumphant as I stood on my feet again. God pleasantly surprised me. I was supposed to be confined to a wheelchair according to the female consultant physiotherapist who counselled me the previous day. To the glory of God, the wheelchair went upside down on the floor while I looked down on it.

The noise generated by the sudden upturning of the wheelchair attracted a medical consultant who ran into the dingy examination room where I was kept.

The bewildered doctor who met me standing in the examination room charged at me to sit on the wheelchair. “Sit down!” He hollered at me. “Don’t you know that you have a C1 fracture with imminent paralysis?”

“No, sir,” I retorted defiantly. “God will use you to confirm that He has healed me. We have been praying because God who has used me to raise three lame persons in the last two years will not allow me to be paralysed.” I exercised my faith. “You will have what you say.” (Mark 11:22-23) “…Have faith in God. For verily I say unto you, that whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he had saith shall come to pass, he shall have whatsoever he saith.”

From that moment on, I didn’t use the wheelchair again to the glory of God.

I eventually asked for my discharge and returned to Lagos with a plaster of Paris cast from my neck to my waist. In Lagos, a CT scan gave God’s verdict: “NO FRACTURE IN THE NECK.” My orthopaedic Surgeon, Dr Mike Ugbeye, and my physician, Dr Adedapo Morawo, were jubilant.

“Pastor, God changed this result in our favour.” Both of them affirmed.

Pastor Wale Adeduro is a Pastor in Charge of one of the Provinces of the Redeemed Christian Church of God. He is a trained journalist, a writer and an author whose works have been published since 1986 in the many Nigerian national newspapers.

The case that was meant to stay for six weeks was removed three weeks earlier. The deep gash on my face quickly gave way to no scar at all. An eye surgeon later told me that I was “half-an-inch lucky that nothing touched the right eye.” God is great. Again, God delivered me from sudden death. He sustained me to fully recover.

When my parents learned about the accident four weeks later, they praised God for a mighty deliverance.

“In 1969, we had a fatal motor accident in which the lady who carried you on her lap died instantly. Your junior brother was also involved in the accident. You sustained multiple fractures on both legs and your legs were hung up in bed for about six months. The God who saved you then has saved you again,” my mother testified.

“I just thank God that your legs were not affected in any way,” my father appreciated God.

I later learnt that there was a man who had a similar accident about twelve years earlier and he remained confined to the wheelchair. I prayed that the man would rise and walk one day. As for my wife, family and I, the blood of Jesus set us free from sins and sorrow.

God is able to sustain you in all situations.

But you have a role to play. You must exercise uncommon, irrevocable faith in God’s love, mercy and power. You must confess your faith based on the scriptures. This means that you must meditate day and night on God’s word. Let Joshua 1:8 be your daily reminder on the need for you to study the scripture daily.

Never allow circumstances, reports of men and the cloud of doubts sway you from trusting in God’s sustaining grace.


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