Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye

Text: Zechariah 2:5

“For I, saith the LORD, will be unto her a wall of fire round about, and will be the glory in the midst of her.”

It is a special Holy Ghost service for children, but then, we are all children (babies) in the hand of God according to Isaiah 65:20.

“There shall be no more then an infant of days, nor an old man that has not filled his days: for the child shall die an hundred years old; but the sinner being a hundred years old shall be accursed.”

So, if you’re not an hundred years old, as far as God is concerned, you are an infant. So, how many babies in the hands of Almighty God are here tonight? Let me hear a baby-like “halleluyah!!!”

God has always been in the business of shielding. By the time you read Genesis 3:1-7; when Adam and Eve sinned and the glory of God departed, they suddenly realized that they were naked; they tried to cover their shame with leaves, but the Almighty God came down and said, let me cover your shame (Genesis 3:21).

God covered the nakedness of Adam and Eve with the skin of animals. In Deuteronomy 29:5, while the children of Israel were passing through the wilderness for forty years, the Almighty God saw to it that their clothes didn’t wear out, their shoes didn’t wear out, God was determined to cover their shame. In Joel 2:26-27, the Almighty God promised again and again. He said my people shall not be ashamed. So, I decree in the Name that is above every other name; whatever may be causing you shame, God will take it away today. That’s why the Bible says in Colossians 1:27, “Christ in you, the hope of glory”; not the hope of shame. If there’s anything in your future waiting to shame you, the fire of God will consume it today.

Now, God uses various means to shield His people. One of the major ways He shielded His people in the past is by His blood. In Exodus 12:13, “He said, when I see the blood; I will pass over you”. When there is a plague, He uses His blood to shield His people. But for the special shielding of God during the corona virus, many of us will not be here today, because in the advanced nations of the world, where they had all the doctors, all the medicine, etc., about 4,000 people may die in one day. But, do you know that in the two years of the corona virus in Nigeria, the total number of people who died were less than 4,000 because somehow, God heard our cry; He covered us in His blood. Death came and passed over us, all of you who survived corona virus; let me hear you shout “halleluyah”.

In Exodus 12:10-11, “they overcame the devil by the blood of the lamb” i.e., when you’re covered in the blood, you are shielded from the attacks of the devil. So, I’m praying for all my children from this moment onward, the blood of Jesus will cover you.

Jesus shields people through His blood, He shields you from unanswered prayers. The Bible says in Isaiah 59:1-2; “God’s hand is not shortened that it cannot save; His ears are not heavy that he cannot hear, but your sins, your iniquities may separate between you and Him that He won’t hear you.” But, thank God for 1 John 1:7, “the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses from all sins”. So, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, whatever it is that has been hindering your prayers, the blood of Jesus Christ will wipe it away today. He shields you through His blood from hindered access to Him. Many a times, you want access to God and according to the word of God in Hebrews 10:19, “because of the blood of the lamb, we have boldness now to enter into the holiest”. Nobody can stop us when we want to see God because of the Lamb.

I still remember the first time that I went to see a Head of States, and I went at his invitation. I passed through gate number 1, I was asked where I was going and I answered, “the president asked me to come and see him”. They checked their records and said, “oh yes”, so, they passed me. Then I got to gate number 2, at gate number 2, the checking was thorough. Then I got to gate number 3 and the people at gate number 3 could see me going through what I went through in gate number 2, but they still conducted their own security check and then, I got to gate number 4, I said, “oh God, thank you for I have Jesus, thank you that anytime I want to see the Almighty God, all I have to say is “in the Name of Jesus”. Let me hear somebody shout JESUS.”

And now the Bible says because of the Blood, nobody can hinder you from accessing God. He shields you from every hindrance that can prevent you from seeing the Almighty God. Somebody is going to see God today. If you’re the one, let me hear your “Amen” loud and clear.

And one other way He shields people is by His word. Psalm 107:20 says, “he sent his word, and healed them and delivered them from their destructions” i.e., when the enemy wants to destroy you, He will send His word and His word will shield you from destructions. He shields you from barrenness through His word. Because, He says in Exodus 23:26, “there shall be none barren in my land”. So, I’m decreeing right now, those of you who are wishing that your own children are here today; next year, your children will be here.

Through His word, He shields you from poverty because it is written, though there will always be poor in the land; He didn’t say you’ll be one of them, He said it in His word in 3 John:2, “I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers”. In other words, it doesn’t matter how the situation may appear to you right now, in the Name that’s above every other name and according to the word of God, you will not die poor.

And then, He shields you against enemies by His Name. According to Proverbs 18:10, “the Name of the Lord is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it and is safe.” In other words, if enemies are pursuing you and you see this strong tower, call the Name of the Lord; you will run into it and the enemy will not be able to touch you. He says in Psalm 27:1-3, “if they’re running after you and they’re about to catch up with you; He says they will stumble and fall”. That’s what He said. And Philippians 2:9-11 says that “at the Name of Jesus; every knee shall bow”. And so, I decree today, if there are enemies that are pursuing you up till this moment, in the next moment when you shout the name of Jesus, they will turn back from you.

I can tell you many stories on that Name alone, but I want to be brief like I said. So, maybe we’ll leave storytelling till next time and come to the real one: shielding you by fire. There’s something you need to know about God and that is, He Himself is called the Consuming Fire. According to Hebrews 12:29, God asked me to tell someone that the joyful noise of children will never cease in your home.

Let me pause briefly and thank God for the testimonies of today. You know, I heard that someone said that we fake miracles here. How can you fake the testimonies we heard today? A woman made up her mind: God, what I want is 3 boys and 1 girl, now what method will Pastor Adeboye use to arrange that kind of miracle? Only God can do that. Exactly what she wanted was exactly what she got. I decree today, whether the mockers like it or not, you will get your miracles.

Hebrews 12:29 says that, “our God is a consuming fire”. You see, there’s something you need to note about fire and that is, whenever fire touches anything, it changes that thing to itself. If it touches cloth, the cloth will begin to burn; they will say the cloth has caught fire, if it touches wood, it will turn the wood to fire, that’s why they will say the wood is firewood. Anything that cannot turn to fire, fire will reduce it to ashes and there is no science known to man that can change ashes back to the original form.

Whatever fire has touched, it deals with it permanently, that is why the victory God is going to give to somebody today is going to be permanent.

In Judges 15:14-15, when they bound Samson and they brought him bound to the enemies; and the enemies thought they have already gotten him and the Holy Spirit came on Samson mightily, the fire of God came on him mightily, the ropes were burnt and the enemies who were slow to escape, just one thousand of them died. Now, we’re not pronouncing a curse on anybody; we’re just simply saying what the Bible says. We’re saying that from now on, any enemy who will not allow you to reach your goal, because you are shielded by fire; the consuming fire will deal with them.

But then, the most beautiful example had been referred to by one of my children, that is in Daniel 3:1-end. It’s a familiar story where they were carrying Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego into the fiery furnace; the carriers came too close to fire and fire finished them. When they landed in the fire, that which did not belong to them, the ropes that bound them, was consumed by fire. Just like the testimony of my son who partook of the Holy Communion yesterday. I told them, as you take this Holy Communion, everything that’s in you that should not be there will be consumed by fire and he came to give the testimony; the doctors have been struggling to see what is causing him pain inside his throat, whatever it was, the consuming fire took care of it.

Now I decree, in the Name that’s above every other name, every plant that my Father did not plant in your body, the fire of God will consume.

Daddy asked me to tell somebody, He said your history of sorrow ends tonight. You see, I want to say “Amen” to this one. The Lord says there’s someone here, He said long before you die, your glory will be manifest in your children. Daddy asked me to tell someone, He asked me to tell you to relax, He said from now on, anyone who messes with any of your children will die. I think God is talking because children are His favourites. The Lord asked me to tell someone here; He said one day when your children begin to shine, people will begin to say: are these not the children of so and so?

So, God can shield by a skin of an animal, He can shield by the blood, He can shield by the word, He can shield by His Name and He can shield by Angels. If you read Daniel 6, you’ll know when they threw Daniel into the den of lions, an angel came and shut the mouth of lions. When you read Acts 12, the night before they were to kill Peter, an angel came and took him away. By the time the enemies arrived, they discovered that the birds have flown.

You see, there are occasions when God cannot even send an angel; so, He comes Himself to show that fire passes fire, that there is a fire that can swallow the fiery furnace. If there’s any of you that is already in fire, in the Name that’s above every other name, you’re coming out of that fire for promotion.

But then, let me round up, how do we get our children to be absolutely shielded? Shielded from sickness, shielded from failure in examinations and I thank God for the testimony of that young man; the lecturer who said you’re not going to pass, I will see to it that you don’t pass, the Almighty God removed him. Every mountain before my children shall be moved today.

There is a God who answers by fire, so what God expects you the parents to do is to pray for your children. When you pray to Him on behalf of your children, He will answer you. There are several examples in the Bible when people came to God and said: my daughter is grievously vexed of the devil, come and help me; and Jesus Christ said, “don’t worry yourself, that case is done”.  Jairus said, “Lord, please come, my daughter is about to die, come quickly before she dies”. Jesus Christ said, “don’t worry, I’ll take care of that”. So, God expects you parents to pray for your children and as you pray, He will answer you by fire.

You see, because He had always said that the reason you don’t get result is because you fail to pray. So, we parents in particular, we are the ones who will do a lot of prayers today.

You’re going to cry unto Him, you’re going to say: it is written in your word according to Isaiah 8:18 that “as for me and the children that God has given unto me, we are for signs and wonders”. Lord God Almighty, shield me by fire, shield my children by fire, let my neighbours come to me one of these days and say: wait a minute, how come your children are never sick? How come your children never fail in school? How come your children are always shinning? Ehn, so I’ll have an opportunity to tell them: I’ve told you, come to Jesus Christ.

You see, as soon as I gave my life to Jesus Christ, myself and my children became signs and wonders. But then, you still have an assignment in addition to praying for them. The Bible made it abundantly clear that you have a duty to train up these children in the way they should go so that when they grow old, they won’t be able to depart from it. Proverbs 22:6 says, “train up your child in the way he should go; so that when the child grows, the child will not be able to depart from it”.

So, you have a duty. Of course, how can you train a child in the way of the Lord if you yourself don’t know the Lord? I remember an occasion, some children were gathered and somebody was asking one child after the other to sing a chorus; and then they got to the children of a particular woman. First one, give us a chorus, no answer; second one, no answer; third one, no answer. Why? Because, Mama herself can’t even sing a chorus.

Teach your children, train them while they’re still young and please remember, there’s something very peculiar about children; they remember more what they see than what they hear. You will find that to be the true. The children watch you at home, they see your actions. So, if you are saying something, and you’re doing the opposite, that opposite which you’re doing, that’s what they will copy.

I pray in the mighty Name of Jesus Christ that all our homes will become homes of the living God. So, let me give you an opportunity; those of you who want to surrender your lives to Jesus Christ, come now, He is waiting for you.


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