Pastor E. A. Adeboye

Text: 1 Samuel 2:1-10

You see Mockers always end badly. Those who love to mock God or mock the things of God always end badly. In Luke 17:26-27, the Lord Jesus Christ said as it was in the days of Noah – people were eating, they were drinking, they were getting married, they were given in marriage – until the flood came and destroyed them all.

When Noah was preparing the Ark that would have brought salvation to the people, they laughed at him. What is wrong with this old man building a huge boat saying a flood is coming? What flood? Because as at that time they had never been rain; where will the flood come from? They mocked him; they laughed at him. I am sure you know some people are still mocking today, still laughing when they hear a word of prophesy they thought it is a joke.

They mocked Noah: old man if you have nothing else to do, do not bother us; keep on building your toys. Then, the day of decision came: Noah, his family, animals, birds, entered into the ark and the Bible said God shut the door.  And then the rain began to fall. By the time they came knocking at the door – Noah, open unto us. Noah said “I am sorry the key has been taken away.”

And then in the same Luke 17:28-30, the Lord said, as in the day of Lot; again they were eating, they were drinking, they were selling, they were planting, they were building. And when Lot went to tell his in-laws, heard that destruction is coming. Some visitors have told me that destruction is at the door. Come, let us run for our life. They laughed at him. And the following day, they were not laughing anymore when the fire began to fall.

In Exodus 12:21-29, Moses said to the people – trouble is coming, the angel of death is around the corner; everyone of you kill a lamb, mark your door post with the blood of the lamb because when the angel comes back, wherever he sees the blood, he will pass the place over.

Do you know that there are people who said blood! Blood of an animal over my post! When the night came and the angel of death was passing by, every house, it does not matter who was there – whether Jew or not – where he did not see the blood, he went in and killed.

The reason why your mockers are in trouble is simply because of your association with God.

In Proverbs 17:5, the Bible says he who mocked the poor, reproaches his maker. So whenever someone is mocking you, he is actually reproaching God and God will answer the fellow. As a matter of fact Psalm 115:1-3 made it clear: whenever someone says where is your God? God will answer and tell him: I AM in heaven and I do as I please. So let us look at this case of fruitlessness because this month is a special month for those who are trusting God for the fruit of the womb.

There will always be people who will want to mock you if by the time you are supposed to bring forth you have not brought forth. 1Samuel 1:1-6 – we have the case of Hannah; the other wife in the house was giving her a hell of a time. ‘What are you doing in my husband house; eating our food and not producing children?’

When you make efforts and there is nothing to show for it, they say you are barren. When anybody begins to mock your fruitlessness, they are mocking God and they are mocking the Commander of wombs.

Genesis 1:26 or let us just take verse 28, when God made man and woman after He blessed them, He commanded them, be fruitful – It’s a command of the womb of the woman to produce.

He spoke to one woman; commanded one womb and suddenly the human race begin to multiply. The Bible says by the time we get to Genesis 6:1, He said, men multiplied from one womb.

A story was told of a woman: In those days when a woman’s pad was not disposable like we have today; and a woman has special piece of cloth that she uses every month. And there was this young lady, just married and discovered that her menstrual pad disappeared. She did not know that it was the mother-in-law who took it away and got it charmed. Shortly after she couldn’t find the pad, she find out she could no longer menstruate. Of course she thought maybe she was pregnant.

But she later discovered she was not pregnant and she was not menstruating. And one day, she came in contact with a man of God and they prayed. And it was in those days when people used lantern for light. Her mother-in-law wanted to light lantern (you know this kerosene lantern) and somehow the lantern fell and there was light fire and what got burnt was the menstrual pad that the mother-in-law has stolen and used for a charm. The following day the lady began to menstruate; nine month later the baby began to arrive.

Even if there is anything wrong with you biologically God can correct it. In John 9:1- 7, in the story of the man who was born blind. In John 5:2-9, the Bible spoke of a man who have been sick for thirty-eight years; in an instant Almighty God changed everything.

Listen to this conversation between a husband and his wife: Woman, you have no ovary, how can you ever be pregnant? And when the husband told her this is what the doctor said. The woman said well, in that case let me just go home and eat and die. The husband said no, we have heard the Doctor’s report, let us go to Redemption camp let us come and hear the Lord’s report.

She came, it was when we are in the first auditorium – we were few then; all of us will be about ten thousand at the convention – and I was laying hands on the people. All those who are trusting God for the fruit of the womb came forward and I was laying hand on them. I remembered her case especially because I laid hand on her, she fell under the anointing and she was on the ground for hours; It was at night, we thought maybe she was just trying to use the opportunity to sleep; we did not know God was performing an operation, by the time she came the following year, she came with her baby.

You remember the story of one of our sisters who was barren and they have done everything. Until one day somebody called the husband aside and said stop worrying yourself, stop wasting your money, your wife will never have a child because we have taken her womb away. I know science does not understand what that one means.

And then we held a meeting like this and the word of God came that there is someone here they said you are never going to have a child but God say you are going to have a set of twin.

And the woman said glory be to God that must be me; and that will be you too.  Doctors have examined them again and again for years; spent a lot of money. One day she went to see a Doctor and the Doctor said haa, I do not know what is happening but you are pregnant, there is a child here. And the lady said to the Doctor: no, no, not a child; the word of God said a set of twins. The Doctor said what I can see here is a child. Couple of months later she went for the normal pre natal appointment, the Doctor said I can see two now.

And then the time came for her to deliver and because the husband said I don’t want to take risk just take out the children by Caesarean section operation and then tie the womb, just two will be enough. So they put the woman to sleep; when she woke she saw everybody looking at her as if somebody who came from mars; And she said what is happening; where are my children?

Your children are okay, let the doctor come. And then the Doctor came. She said what is the problem? The Doctor said I have performed more than three thousand operations but this is the first time I have delivered a set of twins and there is no womb.

A set of twins and no womb! I am talking about the Almighty here today. Too old, too late, impossible situation – the word impossible is not in the dictionary of God: for with God nothing shall be impossible.

Also, there was this young man who was born with a testicle and the parent trying to help him took him to a herbalist who in the process of helping him destroys the only one. And so the boy grew up without any testicle at all. Then we held a programme at Rowepark, Yaba but somehow the word of God came that God was distributing spare parts and the boy grabbed it. Three or four months later the boy came to visit me in my office at Ebute Metta and he came with his wife:

He said Sir, after the word came two testicles just came out of nowhere; the wife was pregnant. So when he wanted to show me the testicles I said do not worry I can see the sign. Let somebody shout hallelujah.

Now, let us go on a broader note; let us go beyond fruit of the womb: Success in your business; success in your career; success in your academic pursuit. Those who mock your fruitless efforts either in your business, in your career, academic pursuit etc, they are mocking the Great Enabler. Because it is true there are many of us who have worked hard and have nothing to show for it and so people mocked us. The reason why many people who will have gone back home to their villages and become very good farmers; the reason they cannot go back is because people will say you have gone for twenty years, what have you brought back?

All those who have been mocking your failure, the Almighty God will silence them today.

In Luke 5:1-7, Peter fished all night, he was hardworking but the Bible said he caught nothing. It is possible to work hard and have nothing to show forth. But when the great Enabler stepped in, when Jesus moved in and he had to call people to come and help him to carry the fish; nobody could mock him anymore.

I have told you this story before:

One of my children came to me and says Daddy I want to build house. I said wonderful! He said but I want you to keep it secret; keep it secret; do not tell my parent until the house is built. I said fine, I can keep a secret. He built the house and when the house was ready he said send for my parent. Tell them: I want you to escort me to somewhere.

I did as I was instructed. We got to the house, we dedicated the house. When we finished dedicating the house, he signal to me and said tell my parent this is their house.

I turned to the parent and said this is their house. They said how can it be our house; we did not build a house. Oh, it is built for you by this boy. The parents did not know what to do whether to cry for joy or to cry for pain. It was earlier they had spoken to that boy because he was not doing as well as his younger ones academically.

They had said to him that: You! You cannot amount to anything. The one they said he cannot amount to anything built a house for them.

I want to close with an appeal to you, do not mock your maker because when you begin to doubt Him, you are mocking Him. 2Corinthians 1:20 says His promises in Christ are yea and in Him Amen. If God had made a promise, He will fulfill it. Even if that promise seems to you like a joke, He will fulfill it.

I say He will fulfill it. In 2Kings 4:8-17, Elisha said to the Shunammite woman: nine months from now you will be carrying a baby boy. The Shunammite woman said, man of God do not deceive me. Do not doubt your God. Once He has spoken, it is done. Psalm 33: 8 &9: He said the whole earth should fear before God; why? Because He speaks and it is done. I am a living example when God speaks it is done.

I was living in a room in Mushin, you know it. I was praying for boys-quarters in Mushin when He spoke to me: Son, do not ask Me for a house, I have decided to build you a city.

It did not make sense. But when He speaks it is done. When He speaks it is done; don’t ever doubt Him.

I told you again and again, you know my story. I want to encourage you today, stop doubting God. I have told you way back in 1961 I gave a gift to a prophet – not much, the little I had I gave to him – we were living in the same house. And he said, thus saith the Lord: one day you will be going abroad like people go to the market.

What is he talking about? Those days when somebody goes abroad in my village when the man returns the whole village will dance to welcome him. By the time he was talking I have never been to Ikeja. Today, his prophesy has come to pass. Don’t doubt God; don’t doubt God.

The God who said to my-father-in-the-Lord, an illiterate, through you I AM going to build church that will go round the world. How can you say that to somebody who cannot even write his name? Today, The Redeemed Christian Church of God is in One Hundred and ninety-seven (197) nations of the world.

Because when God speaks it is done. I was talking to my children, those who are graduating; I said dream big, let your dream be so big that it will take only God to fulfill it. I told them one of my dreams; the dream I have already shared with some of the Pastors here. I told them that a day is coming when the governing council of this church want to hold a meeting, they will hold the meeting on the moon.

I know you will say that is crazy. Wait and see. What do I say?

So on the basis of that; I am saying to those of you who are trusting God for the fruit of the womb get ready for twins, triplet, four at a go. And I am saying to those of you that the world is looking down saying you cannot become anybody when they are talking of people succeeding, do you think they are talking about you?


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