Ekene Agumuo
Ekene Agumuo

By Olusegun Obisanya

The Music industry in Nigeria is huge in business and monetary value. Besides, Nigeria has been blessed with talented youngsters who are trailblazers in the industry in the country and much sought after outside the shores of the country.

Experts are of the opinion that beyond these positive factors, music, an art, should contribute to promote morals and values that advance social integration and cohesion. Unlike what is obtained in time past, musicians sing today for pecuniary gain, competing with one another and promoting songs that corrupt the mind and thought, and that also devalue human dignity, in order to make it attractive to youths.

But Ekene Agumuo, a youth-centric upcoming singer, has a different worldview of what music should truly be. She sees music as a potent art having the ability to influence mind and thought positively.

Full of life and radiating glorious future, Ekene, whose maiden album was christened “Great Confidence”, groaned the unfortunate situation in Nigeria that does not guarantee promising future for the younger generation; hence, the unprecedented mass exodus to other climes for a greener pasture.

Launching her second album “Golden Worship” recently in Lagos, which coincided with her golden age celebration, the mother of children with sonorous voice was full of gratitude to God for preservation of life.

Demonstrating faith in God, the singer believed all hope isn’t lost on the country as Nigeria will come out strong and better socially and the fleeing youths will certainly come back to a new Nigeria.

She took a swipe at those taking advantage of the youth’s love for music and continue to produce songs that negatively impact and destroy the precious life of the youths rather than remould them.

Ekene, who sees music as a veritable tool to reach the maladjusted youths in the society, said she plans to organize her second concert for youths that would immensely contribute to the national rebirth that Nigerians are yearning for.

“This album is Golden Worship because I am 50 today and I have named the album after my birthday today. I passed through a lot just like any other person. However, I believe I should appreciate God who has been assisting me despite all odds. It has not been easy and yet God has helped me with the five recordings in this album with which the entire world would be blessed.”

On how she got inspiration to put the songs together, she explained that it came when she was in the church listening to messages.

“Inspirations for the songs came mostly when I am in the Church listening to messages and I quickly put them down. I believe the songs would impact the lives of as many that listen to the lyrics for the better,” she said.


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