I have come to pay my vow to God. During the 2015 December Holy Ghost Congress, Daddy G.O made a decree that, ‘somebody is here, the Lord said I should tell you, it is a false alarm’. Meanwhile, in that 2015, I was having a strange feeling in my tummy. I went to the hospital and after various diagnosis, I was sent to a specialist hospital.

A laparoscopy was done on me to check what the cause was because the doctors couldn’t find anything. When I went to see the specialist, the doctor said he could see a mark of tumour and a kind of huge one that happens to one in millions of women and I was like,’God, have mercy’. I went for the laparoscopy in November and the word of prophecy came in December. I held on to that prophecy. 

I went back in January to see the specialist and he looked at the scan result I did and said the tumour mark is looking shrinking, it’s reduced. And he said let’s just watch out in the next six months. I started going for check-up twice in a year. Then in 2018, Daddy G.O came again and said,’the Lord said I should tell somebody that it is a false alarm’, and I held on to that word and I went to see the specialist the following month.  He did another scan and said, ‘the mark is no more; I think it is a false alarm, it’s not tumour. It is not something cancerous.’ 

Sis. Titilayo (United Kingdom)


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