Young couple
Young couple

Keeping the first love in marriage intact is not a walk in the park. It takes the commitment of the couple to keep the fire of their love burning for them to experience success in their marriage.

First love is always threatened immediately marriage kick-starts due to pressures that comes with starting and maintaining a family. The fact that the two parties in the union are from different parental backgrounds is enough challenge for the marriage. However, if the first love is sustained, the marriage would run smoothly and it would be heaven on earth.

Little wonder marriages crash after the fondness, devotion and love that couples invest into their relationship wanes. The reason is not farfetched; many people take for granted their initial commitment to the relationship that blossomed and morphed into marriage. It takes the sheer determination of a couple to maintain the commitment which must override any other factors that may come up in the marriage journey.

Beautiful memories of how the marriage started should not be neglected or forgotten. Those memories should be kept alive, revisited and re-acted. Marriage is meant to grow stronger in love and passion, not to be neglected to depreciate. Marriage should not be seen as an end to a means but rather, it should be a means to an end. In other words, marriage should be the means to a happy and fulfilled life.

The more a couple stays together, the more they come to know, respect, and understand each other; respect, understanding and love are needed to build a lasting relationship.

To rediscover and reactivate the first love in your marriage, never discard what you used to call your partner during courtship or honeymoon. The pet name you called your spouse when the journey first began has a way of refreshing the relationship.

You must not allow monotony to set into your marriage. You must remember the passion that led to the adoption of the pet name and let that passion come alive

Distance in whatever form is a potential destroyer of first love in marriage; you must guard your marriage jealously and make sure that you stay close to your spouse. Whether you stay under the same roof or you are far from your spouse due to whatever circumstances, distance can set in when communication is breached or strained.

Gifting, no matter how small, also goes a long way to keep the love in marriage alive. You must not take for granted important dates like birthdays, wedding anniversaries, graduations and other dates that are of importance to your marriage and your spouse.

Communication is key. Always reassure your spouse of your undying love and tell your partner how your encounter with him or her has been a blessing you. Constantly discuss your first encounter with lovely nostalgia. Remember that communication comes in various forms. While you constantly communicate verbally, ensure that you also communicate with your bodies. Frequent and constant embrace helps in no small measure. Cuddling is also very important in marriage.

You guys are married and as such, you are one, therefore, you have to enjoy each other’s company. Create time to be together, go on vacations and sightseeing. Reactivate your honeymoon experience by spending time alone together without your children.


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